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The Pink Hair Manifesto

The first time I dyed it, I was about to head off to my first Wiscon – a large feminist science fiction convention held yearly in Madison, Wisconsin. As I’ve found the case at sf conventions since then, I wasn’t the only person there with an odd hair color; I glimpsed rainbows of pink, blue, and green. And I realized it was becoming. Complete strangers would lean over and whisper, “I like your hair,” including two flight attendants on the way home.
After the con the color faded, softer and softer, until finally, when I went to get a haircut, the hairdresser was cutting away dusty rose tips. I looked in the mirror and saw a middle-aged woman with a short, practical cut.
I bought a new kit on the way home and re-pinked my hair that afternoon.
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Recent Appearances and News

A recent acceptance to Clarkesworld, brief words about Norwescon 34, story up at Daily Science Fiction, Locus Roundtable discussion of awards, off to Penguicon in a couple of days! Continue reading

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