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Video: Flash Fiction Story “Counting”

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Patreon Post: Aardvark Says Moo

s part of recent updates at SFWA recently revamped the Nebula Recommended Reading list to show up in alphabetical order. It’s a stopgap measure until the website gets re-designed, and to my mind has as many problems as presenting by order of number of recommendations. In musing that over, I mentioned to webmaster Jeremy Tolbert that I looked forward to the new school of aardvarkpunk we were inspiring. A half hour later this story appeared in my head.
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Patreon Post: Gods and Magicians

This piece of fiction is brought to you by my awesome Patreon backers, who get bonuses like versions of new books, peeks at story drafts, and sundry other offerings. If backing me’s not in your budget, you can still sign … Continue reading

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Patreon Post: Laurel Finch, Laurel Finch, Where Do You Wander?

Happy Monday to everyone. Here’s a piece of fiction for you, “Laurel Finch, Laurel Finch, Where Do You Wander?” It’s steampunk, and it fits into the world I think of as Altered America, a steampunk setting where one of the … Continue reading

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Patreon Post: California Ghosts

There are other dangers in the hills, but you know if you keep walking towards the sunset, eventually you will find the ocean – perhaps cliffs dropping down, perhaps sand and rock sloping. There are more ghosts in the ocean than anywhere else, but that is because it is so very large, and most of them are fish and gulls, whose ghosts pay no attention to humans.
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Clarion West Writeathon: 2013 Edition

This year, I’m again participating in the Clarion West Writeathon. A lot of people are driving pledges with backer incentives. Here’s mine: I plan to complete one story each week. At the end of the six weeks, all backers will … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

In honor of the occasion, here’s links to several of my love stories online. They might be a little dark at times…
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Books of Mars

Hey, if you’re a fellow Kindle-r, I found out today while looking that the five first five of the Mars books (aka Burroughs’ Barsoom novels) available for free in e-form, including the one the movie John Carter of Mars is … Continue reading

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The Easter Bunny Must Die, Part 18

When Emma Amme is fired from her job as a monster hunter at the Bureau of Supernatural Relations and Investigations, she ends up working for the Holiday Consortium, a mysterious group headed by Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny. Her new job hunting down corporate gods is hard enough — but when she discovers there’s a traitor in the Consortium’s midst, it grows downright dangerous.

THE EASTER BUNNY MUST DIE! is an urban fantasy novel being published in installments by speculative fiction writer Cat Rambo. This installment ends Chapter Eight. Continue reading

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Snippet: Villa Encantada

Excerpt from Villa Encantada (working title), an urban fantasy short story set in Villa Encantada, a condo complex on Lake Sammamish. For those familiar with “Eagle-haunted Lake Sammamish” or “Legends of the Gone,” it’s the same complex. Continue reading

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