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Press Release: Hearts of Tabat

Look at the pretty press release Wordfire put together! FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Dryads. Minotaurs. Centaurs. Can magical creatures force social revolution in Tabat? Monument, Colorado. WordFire Press is proud to announce the release of HEARTS OF TABAT, Book 2 of … Continue reading

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Home Stretch For Hearts of Tabat

So my promise to myself is that the sequel to Beasts of Tabat, Hearts of Tabat, will be DONE by November 14th, which is my birthday, and which I plan to spend with Skyrim and a nice sativa (legal here in the marvelous land of WA) and not one ounce of work throughout the day as a thank you to me for working my butt off the last six weeks and getting this DONE.

The book is scheduled to be released at Emerald City Comicon next year, so you may see why the time pressure has stepped up in intensity. I told myself I’d get it done this year, and I have, along with a whole bunch of stories, not one but two collections, the update of Creating an Online Presence for Writers, a bajillion trips, and opening the Rambo Academy for Wayward Writers, including cool new classes from Rachel Swirsky and Juliette Wade, so I feel darn good about how much I got accomplished this year despite SFWA’s demanding maw chewing up my time on a consistent basis.

I thought, however, it would be useful perhaps to people to see what the last bits of work involve.
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Finishing a Novel

Today I finished Hearts of Tabat. Sure, I’ll go back and do some smoothing before sending it off to beta readers on Monday, but the book is done, the scenes are there, and (roughly) in the order they should be. … Continue reading

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2015 Publications in Retrospect

2015 was a good year for publications, including a few nonfiction ones. Huzzah! Part of that was the Patreon campaign, another was the flurry of promotional pieces I released to accompany my first novel. 34 stories published in one year is a record for me, although many of them were flash pieces and/or self-published either as publicity for my novel or for my Patreon campaign. Here’s the month by month breakdown, with some stats and what’s coming up in 2016.
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Retreat, Day 25

Today’s wordcount: 3001 (so far. plenty of daylight left.) Current Hearts of Tabat wordcount: 119954 Total word count for the week so far (day 6): 23568 Total word count for this retreat: 70229 Worked on Hearts of Tabat, “Moderator,” untitled … Continue reading

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Retreat, Day 2

I’m holing up and working hard on the sequel to Beasts of Tabat. I let myself have July 1 off because that was a travel day, but yesterday I managed 5k words, though that last half was like pulling teeth. … Continue reading

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Being Epic

I’m getting ready to head off to the Nebulas in about an hour. Ten years ago at this time, I was getting ready to go off to Clarion West for six weeks. I’d quit my job at Microsoft and my … Continue reading

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Documents of Tabat: An Auction Handbill

A flyer, kept carefully folded, in the top drawer of Bella Kanto’s dresser. Dated some twenty-five years earlier, the paper crumbling and worn, and never looked at since being placed there. VALUABLE GROUP OF ASSORTED BEASTS AND ANIMALS Trained by … Continue reading

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A Glimpse From the College of Mages

In the lull between bells, the campus walks were deserted and their scent trails stale, the pupils all in their classes this late morning. They worked them hard at the College of Mages, and no student would have a break … Continue reading

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Documents of Tabat: Artists of Tabat

An Instructive Listing of the Major Artists of Tabat, being Pamphlet #5 of the series of “A Visitor’s Guide to Notables of Tabat,” Spinner Press, author unknown. Tabat’s art tradition is well established, and not a mere copy of the … Continue reading

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