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The Rambo Academy for Wayward Writers

There are three main components to the Rambo Academy: live classes, on-demand classes, and the virtual campus (Discord server and Zoom sessions),

LIVE CLASSES: Live classes occur at pre-scheduled times and take place online. Here’s the current list of upcoming classes. They usually cost $89-$119, with some exceptions. Information on free scholarships.

ON-DEMAND CLASSES: On-demand classes can be taken at any time, at your own pace. Here’s the current list of available ones. They usually cost $19 to $39.

VIRTUAL CAMPUS: The virtual campus is a community of writers exchanging knowledge, critiques, and encouragement. Access to the Discord server (a text-based message system where people can chat) includes access to the co-writing sessions, Wednesday writing games, short story discussion group, clean and chat sessions, and other weekly virtual events. Links to these events are also posted on Patreon. Here is more information about joining. It costs $2 and up per month through Patreon or $5 per month and up through Paypal. The “and up” part includes bonus tiers that get a yearly limited edition sticker, free ebooks, bonus live chats, access to past recordings, and more. Information on free fellowships.


photo of Cat Rambo with flowersCat Rambo has been teaching classes and workshops for over three decades at levels ranging from 5th/6th graders through college, graduate level, and continuing at institutions including the Johns Hopkins University, Indiana University, Bellevue College, Clarion West, the PNWA conference, and more. Students have gone on to publish novels and amass award nominations and wins, including Hugo, Nebula, World Fantasy, and Eppie Awards. In creating the Rambo Academy, Rambo has assembled some of the most talented and inspiring writers and teachers working in the genre today, each speaking on their areas of expertise.

Note from Cat: Over ten years ago, I started working with what would become the Rambo Academy for Wayward Writers. Since then hundreds of students have come through my classes; many are out there publishing away and I’m cheering every time I see one on a table of contents or on an award ballot. If you’ve got questions about the classes, please don’t hesitate to mail me with them. Here’s some testimonials for a few past ones.

Description of Rambo Academy for Wayward Writers, which focuses on online writing classes for genre writers.

Image by Keith Rosson. www.keithrosson.com

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