Join the Chez Rambo Community for F&SF Writers: Critclub

The Rambo Academy for Wayward Writers has a virtual campus in the form of Critclub: a private Discord server where its members can exchange encouragement, news, and other thoughts as well as participate in critique swaps, writing sprints, and career/craft discussions.

#CritClub is an online space where fantasy and science fiction writers of all levels can talk with each other and exchange story and novel critiques. Its Discord server provides chat rooms where members can trade critiques as well as discuss market news, tips, and trends, recent rejections, and supportive advice and feedback. Critiquing is totally optional and there is no pressure to participate! Join for the gossip and chatter if you feel so inclined.

Each week, channel #thepanel features discussion centered on a specific topic, sometimes with guest leaders drawn from the Rambo Academy faculty. Other channels include Rejectomancy for discussing submissions, Motivation, Market News and Book Club for discussing recent reading, as well as lighter channels like Cooking, Cute, and Games.

Critclub is open to:

  • Patreon supports at the $2 level and above. Click here to find out more about supporting Cat on Patreon.
  • Subscribers through Paypal Subscribe using one of the buttons below for $5 per month or $50 per year. After you subscribe, you will receive acknowledgement and an invitation to the Discord server within 24 hours.
  • Can’t afford it? I understand that these expenses add up. As with the classes, I’ve got plenty of free slots available, with the only criteria being that you think it would be useful to you as a writer but can’t afford it. I particularly encourage you to apply if you’re a writer of color, QUILTBAG, a writer with disabilities, or are otherwise othered. We want you as part of the community.

Critclub FAQ

Question: Why Criticlub?
Answer: This answers a question that writers have expressed to me over and over again in workshops, on panels, in e-mail and one-on-one conversations, including several of the mentoring sessions I did last weekend at DragonCon: How do I find a writing group of other fantasy and science fiction writers so I can trade critiques?

Question: Do I have to post or can I just lurk?
Answer: Your level of participation is totally up to you! If you want to just hang out and chill, that’s fine.

Question: Is Critclub moderated?
Answer: Yup. Our primary rule is: be kind.

Question: Do I need to use Discord to be part of the Chez Rambo community?
Answer: Nope. There’s plenty of overlap with Patreon posts, which include weekly goal setting, co-working sessions, and free/discounted classes.

Question: What other benefits come with supporting Cat on Patreon?
Answer: Depending on the level, benefits include special badge ribbons at conventions, classes, editing sessions, one on one coaching sessions, and more.

Question: Why is it so much cheaper to access Critclub through Patreon than Paypal subscription?
Answer: Because I need to track the latter and it’s a pain in the butt.

Payment Options

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