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Five More Ways to Increase Your Blog Readership

I blogged a couple of days ago with five ways to increase your blog readership. Here’s an additional five that I hope are helpful for those who like to look at their numbers every once in a while. But remember — writing always comes first!
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Five Ways to Increase Your Blog Readership

Those of us living a solitary writing life can sometimes get a little too addicted to Google Analytics. It’s a validation to us if people are reading our blog — and comments are like gold. I freely admit I poke at mine from time to time, trying to figure out what drives numbers up. So here’s five things I’ve noticed that do:
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Creating an Online Presence for Your Group: Some Basic Steps

Trying to set up an online presence for your group or organization? Here’s some basics to think about.

One: Include a blog on your website that has new content on a regular basis.

This first step is key to a better social media presence, because it influences your search engine rankings. Better search engine rankings draw more traffic to your site, as do good keywords, and if your blog features information about the group, it’s pretty much guaranteed to have the appropriate keywords.

Establish realistic criteria for “regular”: daily? weekly? biweekly? What can you actually expect to do?
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Keeping Track of Social Media – for the Blogging 101 Class

One of the things I really find interesting about the class is that social media changes so rapidly that every time I teach it, I have to add new information. For example, last time I taught, no one had heard of Pinterest, so I’m adding a new section about it and how to use it. One of the questions that often comes up in the Blogging class is where I get my news and information about social media. This list provides the ones I’ve found most useful. Continue reading

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Links from the Blogging 101 Class – Stumbleupon and Other Bookmarking Sites

As I noted in class, I don’t agree with the methods talked about in that first link, but I do think bloggers shouldn’t overlook the power of Stumbleupon and other bookmarking sites to drive traffic to their site. I’ve seen a significant amount of traffic come from such sites, particularly Stumbleupon and Delicious. Continue reading

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Links from Blogging 101 Class – General Social Media Links

As part of the Blogging 101 class I just finished up teaching for Bellevue College, I organized a bunch of my links into a handout. Here is the General Social Media Resources section. Continue reading

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What I’m Teaching At Bellevue College, Summer 2011

I’ll be teaching two classes at Bellevue College this summer. The first is a one day workshop called Sudden Fiction, in which we’ll be talking about and writing several examples of flash fiction. The second is the Blogging and Social Networking 101 class, which runs two sessions. Continue reading

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Networking with Purpose and Sincerity

It’s natural for writers to want to spread word of our work. We all realize that, short of hiring a publicist, we’re our own best champions. But if we go too far, or are too single-minded in that pursuit, we can come off as boorish and arrogant. Here’s five pointers on how to avoid this. Continue reading

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Blogging on YouTube: Some Basics

Last week I talked about how blogging on Youtube can benefit writers, so I wanted to cover some of the Youtube basics necessary for a writer who wants to learn how to use it for self promotion. If you’re already technically savvy, much of this will already be obvious to you. Continue reading

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Coming Up in 2011

What’s coming up for this site in 2011? Cat gives you the inside scoop! Continue reading

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