Zalanthas is the world in which Armageddon MUD, the online game I worked with for over a decade and a half, is set. Originally based on a Dark Sun setting, it has since become its own distinct ecology and set of cultures, from the traveling Zeina, the rough and tumble T’zai Byn, the nobility of Allanak and Tuluk, and so much more.

The game shaped a long period of my life – from grad school in Indiana, through a sojourn in NYC, and later life in the Seattle area working for Microsoft. It taught me a great deal abut many things: coding, friendships, managing virtual teams, silk armor, and obsidian knapping. Although I don’t have the bandwidth for it anymore, it will always occupy a special place in my heart, and I’m so pleased to see it still going strong, another decade later.

Nonfiction about the game:

  • SETTLERS OF THE NEW VIRTUAL WORLDS, 2008. From God to Customer Service. Essay.
  • THE ESCAPIST, May 30, 2006. Sponsored by Microsoft and Apple. Essay.
  • THE ESCAPIST, May 5, 2006. As Sands Through the Hourglass: The Evolution of Armageddon’s Policy on Roleplayed Cybersex. Essay.
  • MUD DRAKE, May, 2003. Script-mania
  • THE MUD JOURNAL, January, 2003. Documentation: What is it Good For?
  • IMAGINARY REALITIES, June, 2001. Adjusting to Altitude
  • IMAGINARY REALITIES, April, 2001. On the Treatment of Coders
  • IMAGINARY REALITIES, February, 2001. Zen and the Art of Spiral-Carved Incense Burners
  • IMAGINARY REALITIES, March 2000. (with Krrx) Clans in a Roleplaying World
  • IMAGINARY REALITIES, January, 2000. I Think, Therefore I Roleplay

Game-based fiction: