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Opinion: Chan Culture and Good-Faith Arguments

Getting ready for the New Year.[/caption]I wrote a piece, #PurpleSF, about feminism and SF for Clarkesworld. It was in part stirred up by the convulsions of the Gamergate controversy, which has continued to provide plenty of food for thought (and probably will continue to do so).

One of the many interesting (and sometimes positive) things that’s come out of that controversy has been a lot of examinations of Internet culture and many of its subsets. Before last year, I had only the vaguest idea what “chan culture” would be, so I found this piece really fascinating, particularly because questions about anonymity are (imo) going to continue to rear their heads whenever they bump into notions of transparency in coming years.
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Recent Appearances and News

A recent acceptance to Clarkesworld, brief words about Norwescon 34, story up at Daily Science Fiction, Locus Roundtable discussion of awards, off to Penguicon in a couple of days! Continue reading

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