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Writing: Description, Details, and Delivering Information

I’m working on converting the Description and Delivering Information class to the on-demand version, along the same lines as the Character Building Workshop and the Literary Techniques for Genre Writers workshop, and hoping to finish it up over the next couple of days, which may be overly ambitious, because a) I am doing NaNoWriMo, b) life is complicated by Orycon and then a Thanksgiving trip on the 20th and c) this is my birthday weekend and I like to slack a little.

So, what’s the difference between taking one of my live online writing classes and the on-demand versions?
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Where I’ll Be: Cat’s Orycon Schedule (2015)

Friday, November 20 4:00:pm, Meadowlark The Fine Art of Description What makes purple prose purple? Are adjectives and adverbs really evil? How do pro writers describe something in vivid detail in the fewest words, and when can writers expand those … Continue reading

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Where I’ll Be: Orycon 2013 (Portland, OR)

Many apologies, and I will miss seeing a great many of you, but I will not be making it down for Orycon this weekend.

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Catching Up

What am I doing right now? Mainly I’m elbows-deep in the rewrite of the fantasy novel, currently titled THE MOONS OF TABAT, which may change. But on other fronts:
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