Plunkett Scholarships

Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett,18th Baron of DunanyFantasy and science fiction has a strong tradition of “paying it forward”. In this spirit, each of my online live classes features several free slots called Plunkett scholarships.

The Plunkett scholarships are need-based. If you could not otherwise afford the class, but feel it would help you with your writing, you should apply. I particularly urge QUILTBAG and PoC writers to apply; the third slot is specifically reserved for such a candidate, although all three are open to them.

To find the current list of classes, go to this page.

You can also get a free pass to the Chez Rambo chat server by applying.

To apply for a scholarship, mail me with the details of which class or classes (up to 3) you wish to attend and 2-3 sentences about why you would like to take it. That’s it. Please include whether or not you’d also like access to the chat server community.

Please only apply for three scholarships total per quarter; it is okay to list alternates.

Please pass this information along to any person or organization you think would be interested. If you are interested in sponsoring a scholarship slot, the cost is $49 per slot (this covers the teacher’s payment). Mail me for details.

Why call them Plunkett scholarships? It’s my way of honoring the writer Lord Dunsany, aka Edward Plunkett, who seems like a worthy namesake for a scholarship based on economic class. I’ve named my little press after him as well.

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