From Cat’s Students

On the writing F&SF workshop:

  • Every week is like a shot in the arm of pure encouragement & enthusiasm. -Liz Neering
  • Wanted to crow and say thanks: the first story I wrote after taking your class was my very first sale. Coincidence? nah….thanks so much. -K. Richardson
  • Cat is a fun tutor with plenty of experience as both a fiction writer and a professional editor. She has plenty of sound, practical advice to offer, and the writing exercises are enjoyable. A course like this allows you to meet other writers of varying levels of experience and talent, which is a very good way of finding out what you are good at and where your skills need work. It also gives you a bunch of potential writing buddies, which can be very valuable. -Cheryl Morgan

Arachne Jericho blogs about the writing F&SF class:

On the literary techniques in speculative fiction class:
Not only do I feel like I isolated some important bridges between literary and genre fiction, I also feel like I came away with a treasure trove of secrets and information pertaining to real life career, time management, and market considerations. I came away feeling deviously lucky — like a lotto winner. -Camille Griep

On the editing class:

  • Cat Rambo’s classes are both entertaining and edifying. If you are an aspiring writer or editor do yourself a favor and sign up! -Stefan Milićević
  • I took Cat’s editing class and it was such a help and quite delightful. She’s a great teacher, a fun person, and she keeps it light and entertaining while still helping you learn and grow. – Bryan Thomas Schmidt
  • I left each session excited and energized about both my writing and with taking on editing. You are an engaging teacher, and have a talent for presenting a lot of information in easily digestible chunks. The first session was helpful for me to divide how I do my editing, and how I think about editing and writing. I feel (at least so far) that I’ve improved as a writer from taking both this and your short fiction class so far, but in some ways, I think the editing class gave me more tools to work on what was holding me back from writing (the internal editor). … The last session was full of all sorts of nuggets of information for me, as I do want to break into freelance editing. -Danielle Gembala

On the Flash Fiction workshop:
I enjoyed the class a lot — I feel I got a lot of good ideas out of it, as well as encouragement and a sense that quick writing of flash stories can be viable, which is valuable in itself! The exercises were interesting and varied, and I really appreciate the fact that I got out of it several beginnings that will be revisable into submittable work. – Susannah Mandel

On the First Pages workshop:

  • This is an awesome little class! It was so very useful to sit in on a session with two editors and see what they are looking for in a selection of first pages. It pointed out several issues of my own, including passive voice, establishment of narrator and POV. If you are considering submitting your work soon, this is the class to take! -Sarah Hendrix
  • I’ve sat in on a con panel of this class without Louise Marley, but did not submit any first pages. Cat addresses both what is working and what isn’t and exactly why in an encouraging yet direct way. When I have some first novel pages I am taking them to Cat and Louise! -Danielle Gembala
  • The First Pages Workshop with Cat Rambo was lively this morning. I’m sure we ALL learned something! -Louise Marley

From To Space Opera and Beyond with Ann Leckie:

Great class with @ann_leckie, @Catrambo abt writing Space Operas. Stoked to finish mine. Thanks again for inspiration, encouragement! -Gayathri Kamath

Had an awesome space opera class with @Catrambo and @ann_leckie ! Now if I could just finish that darn novel… -Nina Niskanen

Had a class on writing space opera this morning with the splendiferous @Catrambo and @ann_leckie. Now I’m itching to board a spaceship. -Sandra Odell

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