Classes for May

And here are the May classes, hurray!

Important Change: While the 9:30-11:30 AM Pacific slot remains the same, the other slot has moved from 1-3 PM to 12-2 PM Pacific.

Class cost is $79 for Patreon supporters and former students; otherwise $99. There are three Plunkett scholarships in each class taught by other teachers; classes that I am personally teaching will take extra ones or sliding scale as appropriate. All classes are recorded and the recording is sent out the week after class. You can register to just get the recording if you prefer; please indicate that’s what you’re doing if so.

To register for a class, mail me and include:

The class or classes
Whether or not you are a Patreon supporter/former student
How you would like to pay (Paypal, Venmo, check, other)

May 1	AM	Rebecca Demarest	     Basics of Writing Memoir
May 1	PM	Cat Rambo	             Groups, Parties & Crews: Writing Ensembles
May 7	AM	Nisi Shawl	             Working with Short Stories
May 7	PM	Jordan Kurella	             Emotional Self-care for Creatives
May 8	AM	Cat Rambo	             WTFBBQ: Writing Experimental Fiction
May 8	PM	José Pablo Iriarte	     Emotional Impact: How to Punch ‘Em in the Feelz 
May 14	AM	James L. Sutter	             Highspeed Worldbuilding, Session 1
May 14	PM	Micheal R. Underwood	     Power and Politics in Worldbuilding: Schemes, Factions, and Cultures
May 15	AM	James L. Sutter	              Highspeed Worldbuilding, Session 2
May 15	PM	Cat Rambo                    Story Fundamentals 	 
May 28	AM	Cat Rambo	             Creating an Online Presence for Writers
May 28	PM	Jordan Kurella/Shiv Ramdas   Radio Gaga: How Radio Craft Can Hone Your Writing
May 29	AM	Cat Rambo                    Freelancing, Hustles, and Sidegigs: Ways to Work without Derailing Your Writing
May 29	PM	Evan J. Peterson	     Queer is a Verb: Disrupting the Norm

Descriptions of New Classes:
Basics of Writing Memoir: (Rebecca A. Demarest) Memoirs can feel like novels, full of characters, dialogue, setting, and plot turns and twists, but they are not fiction. How does one use skills with fiction to create a memoir? Why write one, and how do you get started? What are the pitfalls that writers starting a memoir can fall into? Join us for a workshop that will get you well on the road to working with this form.
Working with Short Stories: (Nisi Shawl) Join one of the masters of the short form for a workshop focused on exploring its truths and techniques.
Radio Gaga: (Jordan Kurella/Shiv Ramdas) Radio DJs are the oral storytellers of our time, and like prose fiction writers, they do their storytelling with words. From opening hooks to narrative, dialogue to monologue, setting to emotion, characters and plot arcs to climaxes and cliffhangers, storytelling on the radio does all the same things it does on the page. Everyone’s heard the maxims about reading your work aloud when revising, well, how about taking the next step into the how and why and seeing how it can help strengthen your own story, even before you have to edit? Jordan and Shiv, former radio DJs and current SFF writers, take you through a host of host of radio techniques that not only apply to writing prose fiction- but might even help with new structural ways to look at and address all of these in your own WIP. And yes, the dreaded infodumps too!
Freelancing, Hustles, and Sidegigs: Ways to Work without Derailing Your Writing: (Cat Rambo) Being a freelancer can be one of the most erratic financial existences around and often involve a number of writing-related side jobs. How do you find and maintain such work without it impacting your writing? Cat will cover editing, teaching, crowd-funding, and other ways to supplement your writing income without eating all of your writing time.

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