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SFWA and Independent Writers, Part Two: Bringing in the Indies

In part one of this series, I talked about the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writes of America (SFWA) prior to the move to bring in the independent writers. This section will discuss the decision and the process, as well as some of the reactions. My sources in putting all of this together are my own faulty memory, my personal notes, and the Internet. The discussion of the indie admission took place in a number of venues, including e-mails, blog articles and comments, social media, and the SFWA discussion forums. In drawing on the latter, I have tried to ensure that I did not violate their confidentiality rules, quoting only with permission.

Nomenclature has varied, but when I refer to independently published writers, that is the same group that others have used self-published, self-pubbed, indie, and other terms to describe. Self-publishing has been conflated with vanity publishing in the past; I believe them two distinct things.
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Answering More Questions About the SFWA Qualifying Process

I encourage questions — it’s how we’re compiling a FAQ — so ask away! Here’s some stuff that’s come up: One thing that is part of the confusion is that we have 2 entities, the SFWA Qualifying Markets list, where … Continue reading

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How to Apply for SFWA Membership with Small Press or Self-Published Credentials

As you may know, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, (aka SFWA) had a membership vote and changed their membership criteria pretty drastically, admitting self-published and small press members to apply if they can prove they’re making an … Continue reading

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Why SFWA Should (IMO) Admit Self-Published Writers, and Some Thoughts about the Process

SFWA, at its usual slow lumbering pace, is heading towards answering the question of whether or not the organization should allow self-publishing as a way to qualify for membership. For those unfamiliar with the current requirements, it involves sales to traditional publishing markets: three stories or a single novel advance at a specified rate (current 6 cents per word for stories and a $2000 advance for a novel, from a market listed as a SFWA qualifying market).

Do I believe results with self-publishing should qualify someone for SFWA? Yes, absolutely. To me the only question is how to define those results in a way that makes them comparable with the existing criteria.
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Patrick McLaw: What’s Going on Here?

So there’s lots of chatter this morning about Patrick McLaw, a Dorchester County teacher who has, as far as anyone can tell, been suspended and committed to mental care (making him utterly unavailable for comment, which seems like the equivalent … Continue reading

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Yes, I am the New Vice President of SFWA

I’m delighted and a little daunted and planning on lots of things. Right now I’m composing a blog post about self-publishing and why SFWA”s looking at it, as well as my own adventures, past and planned, in self-publishing.

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Catch-up and Recent News as of the End of June, 2014

I’m going to be setting up a Patreon campaign, because I’ve got a big backlog of stories and figure releasing them on my own while on the road will probably work as well as worrying about keeping them submitted. If you might be interested in subscribing to get two short stories each month, please sign up for that mailing list, and drop me a comment here to let me know what sort of things you might like to accompany that. What sort of cost would be appropriate for a subscription that lets you supply a prompt or get a Tuckerization, for example?
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Classes: Everything You Need To Know About Electronic Publishing

Got a class coming up Sunday that I wanted to tout a bit, since there are still openings. One of the ways I figure out classes is by paying attention to what questions come up over and over again in the Writing F&SF class. Enough people were asking about all sorts of aspects of electronic publishing that we could run a day long session on it.

Instead, Tod McCoy of Hydra House and I are going to try to cover some basics over the course of a two hour session, including questions like this: Continue reading

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Editing Fiction Collections

This month one work item is putting the near-sf and far-sf collections together for e-publication. This morning, I got the near one assembled in a Word doc, made a formatting pass, and added about a third of the afternotes. Here … Continue reading

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