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Where I’ll Be: DragonCon 2023

Active Diversity: Making Your Story Matter to More People *Extra Fee Workshop* Description: Diversity in writing (and reading) matters, but why, and how does an author achieve it? What is a sensitivity reader, when might you need one, and how … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Nerine Dorman on Making a Cooperative Initiative Work

It all started innocently enough about five or so years ago. A fellow author sent me a link to an article about the Book View Café, and we figured: why don’t we do something like this? By this stage many of … Continue reading

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Answering More Questions About the SFWA Qualifying Process

I encourage questions — it’s how we’re compiling a FAQ — so ask away! Here’s some stuff that’s come up: One thing that is part of the confusion is that we have 2 entities, the SFWA Qualifying Markets list, where … Continue reading

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How to Apply for SFWA Membership with Small Press or Self-Published Credentials

As you may know, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, (aka SFWA) had a membership vote and changed their membership criteria pretty drastically, admitting self-published and small press members to apply if they can prove they’re making an … Continue reading

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SFWA Presidential Platform Statement

Dear SFWA members: Yep, I’m running for President, even though that’s a two year term. I’ve got a number of projects I want to see through, and this seems the best way to do it. The self-pub and small press … Continue reading

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