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March Recent Efforts

So much is happening — or has already — in March! Including the release of anthology IF THIS GOES ON, teaching videos, and a feminist futures Storybundle in honor of Women’s History Month. Continue reading

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For K.C.

There are so many of us who write, and so many voices that get drowned out. I want to tell you about one of them. I want to tell you about my friend K.C. Ball. She wrote short stories as … Continue reading

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Locus Awards: Free To Vote

The Locus Awards is the only major F&SF award where you don’t have to meet a particular criteria to be able to vote, unlike the Nebula Award, where you have to be a member of SFWA or the Hugo, where … Continue reading

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Online Classes for Summer, 2012

It’s a busy summer – highlights include working with Clarion West this summer as well as ArmadilloCon in July, GearCon in August, and WorldCon (along with the release of Near+Far at WorldCon). I’m not scheduling any classes for August in order to be able to focus on the release. Upcoming classes include: a Saturday session of writing F&SF (only a few slots left open there), Editing Basics (about half full at the moment), a Flash workshop (brand new, so it’s wide open for registration) and an online version of the literary techniques in speculative fiction class.
Continue reading

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Horrific Miscue (Seattle Branch) Group Reading on June 30, 2010

Seattle opens its summer of science fiction with the Horrific Miscue group reading, at the Inner Chapters Bookstore & Cafe, 419 Fairview Avenue North, Seattle, Washington. All proceeds of the reading will go to benefit victims of the Japanese earthquake. Continue reading

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Notes from the Supernatural Seattle Panel, Norwescon 34

Notes from the Supernatural Seattle panel, Norwescon 34, April 28, 2011. Participants K.C. Ball, Julie McGalliard, John Pitts, Cat Rambo, Kat RIchardson. Questions discussed include What makes Seattle particularly well suited to writing speculative fiction set in it?, What landmarks of Seattle lend themselves to spec-fic writing?, and What works other than your own are set in Seattle? Continue reading

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