The Surgeon's Tale and Other Stories

In a world where magic is fading and science begun to ascend, a young surgeon in medical school experiences an obsession so forbidden that its realization will change him forever.

"She looked as if she were asleep, still with that slight smile, floating on the thick sargassum, glowing from the emerald tincture that would keep the small crabs and other scavengers from her. She looked otherworldly and beautiful."

Sometimes life is not enough.

Also including five more stories of dark wonder from Rambo and VanderMeer, from "The Dead Girl's Wedding March" to "The Farmer's Cat".

Enter a world of rat suitors, severed arms, and Fungi Et Fruits de Mer, served up with prose both appetizing and uncanny. Dark fantasy has never been quite so decadent.

Cat Rambo has burst onto the scene over the past few years, with stories appearing or soon to appear in Clarkesworld Magazine, Weird Tales, Asimov's SF Magazine, and Strange Horizons. She lives in Redmond, Washington and is currently finishing a novel, THE MOON'S ACCOMPLICE.

Jeff VanderMeer is a two-time World Fantasy Award winner whose latest novel is Shriek: An Afterword. His short fiction has been translated into fifteen languages and adapted by Sony Playstation into an animation by Joel Veitch.

Cover and design by James and Jeremy Owen/The Coppervale Studio.

Interior illustrations by Kris Dikeman.

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