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Building an Online Presence for Writers: Outline for the Book

More on the e-book that contains all the class info and then some. Here’s the working outline:

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Social Media: Pinterest Analytics and Links for 3/18/2013

Pinterest has rolled out Pinterest Analytics. To add it to your site in order to see what’s getting pinned, you need to verify your site. Here’s the instructions for doing so.
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Social Media: Amazon Affiliate Program Changes and A Fresh Crop of Social Media Links

A discussion of changes to the Amazon Affiliate program and some links about social media and electronic publishing.
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How Writers Can Use Pinterest

I’m prepping for this weekend’s class on Blogging and Social Networks and, as always, there’s lots of new stuff that I need to fold into my existing notes. Pinterest is a big one — it’s become a big deal since last time I taught the class and so I need to talk about it. So what is it and why might writers want to use it? Continue reading

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