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StumbleUpon Resources (For the Spring 2012 Blogging Class)

I’ll be posting several pieces over the next week with information gathered for the Bellevue College blogging class, whose second session takes place this Saturday. I teach\an online class for writers interested in building an online presence; the next one is July 23, 2012.

In this Saturday’s class, we’ll be talking about social networking and social bookmarking, which are two related but different concepts. Social bookmarking sites include Delicious, Digg, and Reddit along with the largest one of them all: StumbleUpon. Here I talk about what StumbleUpon is, why you might be interested in it, how to use it effectively to drive traffic, and what to watch out for. Continue reading

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Links from the Blogging 101 Class – Stumbleupon and Other Bookmarking Sites

As I noted in class, I don’t agree with the methods talked about in that first link, but I do think bloggers shouldn’t overlook the power of Stumbleupon and other bookmarking sites to drive traffic to their site. I’ve seen a significant amount of traffic come from such sites, particularly Stumbleupon and Delicious. Continue reading

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