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You Should Read This: Cold Comfort Farm by Stella Gibbons

Another adequate movie that was a brilliant book. I came to Cold Comfort Farm having seen it referenced somewhere as a comic novel. It was that, in spades.
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You Should Read This: Miss Mole by E.H. Young

There are some books I go back to over and over again, and this is one of them, because I love the main character so much. Hannah Mole is engaging, delightful, and incredibly sympathetic. I originally found this book because it was a Virago Modern Classic, and it is, unfortunately, out of print nowadays. I sincerely hope it’s reissued sometime.
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Realization About Shadow Twins

Weird little things happen like this when you’re working on something big. It’s like a lens clicks into place and you perceive a section better. And that perception spreads out, affects the view you have of the overall piece, the unruly profusion of plot lines, each with its flowers of action scenes and climatic moments, that will become the lavish bouquet of the book’s world. Continue reading

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Pages Breathing Fire: 10 Books About Dragons

Dragons, dragons, dragons – so many writers have written about them in one form or another. Here’s ten books featuring dragons for fellow lovers of the form. Continue reading

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10 Free Science Fiction Classics

A major joy of my new Kindle is finding free books. I figured other people might appreciate some of my finds. So here’s ten science fiction classic novels, available free online as ebooks. Continue reading

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