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Reading List: Superhero Fiction

I recently posted in a Reddit thread about superhero novels and thought that the list I put together there might form an interesting blog post.

Superhero novels are near and dear to my heart for several reasons.
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Night Shade Books: Clusterfuck and a Half

So, much of the Internet’s time, at leaast on the spec-fic side of things, was taken up this week by recent convulsions surrounding Night Shade Books. Here’s a brief recap of a situation that is much more complicated than I’m making it out to be.
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Notes From Michael Stackpole’s “How To Write a Novel in 21 Days”

These are my notes from the presentation at MidSouthCon 30, 2012m which was great. I suggest taking it from Michael rather than using these notes, which are a poor substitute at best. You can find the CD on his website. That said, here are the notes. I should say that they’re less about how to write a novel in 21 days than how to plan a novel in 21 days through a series of exercises intended to increase knowledge of character, world, and plot. Continue reading

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