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Guest Post: PJ Manney on GameStop and the Power of Populism

I have many thoughts on the GameStop stock/stonk play. Big movements in complex systems are difficult to write about, because many things that seem paradoxical can be correct at the same time. At different scales or frames, differing takes have … Continue reading

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Fiction Reading: Red Boot Blues

This is a short story that is a fairytale mash-up done for the anthology, Upon a Once Time, from Air and Nothingness Press. It combines two Hans Christian Andersen fairy tales, “The Red Shoes” and “The Girl Who Trod on … Continue reading

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Hopepunk Thoughts Plus A Reading List

Last year, I came up with a new class, “Punk U: The Whys and Wherefores of Writing -punk Fiction”, which attempted to explore some of the -punk subgenres, starting with cyberpunk and progressing through steampunk, dieselpunk, nanopunk, solarpunk, and a dozen others. Of all of them, the most fascinating to me — and the one that’s had the greatest influence on my recent fiction, is hopepunk.

What is hopepunk? The term was first coined by Alexandra Rowland as the antithesis of “grimdark,” a speculative genre featuring fatalistic nihilism and a tooth vs. claw environment.
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