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Guest Post from Kim Mainord: Mileage May Vary

Note from Cat: March 2 kicks off two months of blog content dedicated to promoting my new (first!) novel, Beasts of Tabat. There’ll be guest blog posts, original fiction, essays about writing, feminism, and life in general, and even some … Continue reading

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Creating an Online Presence Now Available on Amazon!

Huzzah! The Kindle version of Creating an Online Presence is now available on Amazon. There will be Nook, PDF, and hard-copy version, but not until December. If you don’t have a Kindle, remember that you can download the Kindle reader for your computer or tablet.

I’m very pleased with how the book turned out. Among the things it covers: the minimum web presence a writer needs, social networks and the different approaches they require, how to find communities of readers on the Internet, how to make the most of book giveaways and listings, free tools available to help create and maintain your online presence, and how to keep all of this from swallowing up too much precious writing time.
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Self Promotion and Career Building: What I Told the Clarion West 2013 Class

Yesterday I spent a pleasant chunk of time talking to the Clarion West 2013 students, along with Django Wexler. Django and I were the “mystery muses,” a Friday feature for the CW students where people come in to chat about a specific aspect of the writerly life. Django spoke well to the experience of having one’s first major book come out, since his book (which I have read and heartily recommend) The Thousand Names just came out. He let us all know (to mass disappointment) that it doesn’t lead to being booked on the Leno or Daily Show or lavish book tours, though he did get to go to ComicCon.
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