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Media Consumed in October, 2017

Not much October travel, yahoo! Game-wise it’s still StarDew Valley and Skyrim on computer and console, D&D5E and Star Wars RPG (Fantasy Flight) for tabletop. In television, I’m happy to have a new season of DC Legends and The Flash … Continue reading

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Books Mentioned in the Magic Realism vs Traditional Fantasy Panel from Worldcon 2012

I don’t know that we said too much that was insightful about the division between magic realism and fantasy, but we did arrive at a decent and interesting booklist, which I present here for your pleasure.
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5 Things To Do In Your First 3 Paragraphs

Display your command of language. It’s worthwhile for a writer to think about poetry, and all its devices like assonance and alliteration, metaphor and allusion, internal rhythm, even meter. Save scraps of speech that you like, stud those paragraphs with wonderful things and spend with wild abandon from your store, because this is the make or break moment, when your reader decides whether or not to continue. You cannot lavish enough attention on your reader in the form of these paragraphs. Continue reading

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An Octet of Useful Resource Books For Writers

I blogged a couple of weeks ago about books I’d recommend for writers focusing on their craft. This time I’m choosing books that are handy to have on a nearby shelf, particularly books that help spark new ideas, whether it’s at the overall story or plot level, or bits that can be used to adorn a story, the tiny embellishments like filagree or the lines in the Book of Kells, because we can always use new idea, little shocks, a kick in the head that turns the world askew in a way that lets us see it more clearly. Continue reading

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Five Fantasy Books You’ve Never Heard Of

Tired of the usual stuff? Here’s five fantasy classics that you may have missed. Continue reading

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Superhero Fiction

So here’s the list of fiction(ish) drawing on comic book super-hero trophes, generated here. Novels: Michael Bishop, COUNT GEIGER’S BLUES. Michael Chabon, THE AMAZING ADVENTURES OF KAVALIER AND CLAY. Tom DeHaven, IT’S SUPERMAN! Jennifer Estep, KARMA GIRL. Minister Faust, FROM … Continue reading

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