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Blogging and Social Networking 101 Resources

This is a dauntingly long list of links, I know. It’s my handout for the Blogging and Social Networking 101 class, which is finishing up tomorrow, but I’ve added the links that I’ll be talking about in class while walking people through the basics of using social networks, Google Analytics, and some other blogging resources. Continue reading

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How Writers Can Use Pinterest

I’m prepping for this weekend’s class on Blogging and Social Networks and, as always, there’s lots of new stuff that I need to fold into my existing notes. Pinterest is a big one — it’s become a big deal since last time I taught the class and so I need to talk about it. So what is it and why might writers want to use it? Continue reading

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Why Flash Fiction?

I’m doing my Flash Fiction workshop tonight (not Saturday, apologies for any confusion) and so I’m prompted to talk about some of my motivation in giving the class and why I think it’s a useful one for writers. What is flash fiction? As the name would imply, it’s short. Short, short, short. It’s sometimes called short-short stories for that reason. Continue reading

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RamboCon – Proposed Sessions for an Imaginary Spec-Fic Convention

Some panel ideas, which any convention organizer is welcome to grab: Making the Transition from Short Story to Novel, The Architecture of the Country of the Blind, What the F*** is Flash Fiction? Continue reading

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Links From the Blogging 101 Class

As part of the Blogging 101 class I just finished up teaching for Bellevue College, I organized a bunch of my links into a handout. Here it is online for ease of clickability, but I’m going to break it into separate posts for easier posting and post one chunk each day because it’s 11 pages long as is. I’d be happy to answer questions or discuss any of the links or the overall list philosophy in comments. Continue reading

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May Stats

May stats, including words written, submissions sent, and classes taught. Continue reading

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What I’m Teaching At Bellevue College, Summer 2011

I’ll be teaching two classes at Bellevue College this summer. The first is a one day workshop called Sudden Fiction, in which we’ll be talking about and writing several examples of flash fiction. The second is the Blogging and Social Networking 101 class, which runs two sessions. Continue reading

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Teaching Blogging

WIth Trailmeme, the central metaphor is “trails” of links, which you can annotate. So I’ve used the outline from my Blogging class to collect my Delicious links on the topic. Here is the Blogging 101 “trail”. A cool feature of Trailmeme is the ability to discuss links – please feel free to make suggestions and/or forward the link along. Continue reading

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