Faculty – Jamie Lackey

Photo of Jamie Lackey.Jamie Lackey has over 160 short fiction credits, and has appeared in Daily Science Fiction, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, and Apex Magazine.  She has two short story collections available from Air and Nothingness Press, and her debut novel, Left-Hand Gods, was published by Hadley Rille Books.

She read submissions for the Clarkesworld Magazine for five years and was an assistant editor at Electric Velocipede from 2012-2013. She served as editor for Triangulation: Lost Voices in 2015 and Triangulation: Beneath the Surface in 2016.

She lives in Pittsburgh with her husband and their cat, and she enjoys reading, collaborative board games, tabletop RPGs, video games, baking, and hiking.

For more information visit her website.

Rambo Academy classes include:

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