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Fiction Reading: Exiles of Tabat, Chapter One

Due to the pandemic and isolation, I wasn’t able to do any live readings from my new novel, EXILES OF TABAT. So here you go! Explore a fantasy world where the magical creatures on whom Tabat depends are revolting against … Continue reading

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What’s Coming Up In Early March, 2021

Here’s what classes are coming up for the Rambo Academy in the next couple of weeks. Systems of Magic: How to Use Your Magic to Enrich Your Worldbuilding with Cat Rambo, Saturday, February 27, 2021, 9:30-11:30 AM Pacific Time. Witches … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Verity Player’s Fiendish Bean-Dish by C L Spillard

Verity Player’s Fiendish Bean-Dish “Oh, brilliant! What shall we bring?” Verity and her husband Sacha—and any of their family friends—will never have a host cook all alone. This is the dish they brought round to the Meiers’ for the first ‘do’ at … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Jeffrey A. Carver on How I Ventured into Audiobooks and Lost My Shirt—or Maybe Found It

Audiobooks are the current gold rush in publishing—or so they say, and you know “they” always know what they’re talking about. If you don’t get on the audiobook wagon, you are sure to lose out. That might or might not … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Gustavo Bondoni on Argentine SFF

Last week, Argentina’s largest literary prize, sponsored by the government through the National Arts Fund, announced that it would only accept science fiction, fantasy and horror entries this year. All hell broke loose immediately. In some cases, there were people … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Michael R. Underwood on Five Tips for Cultural Worldbuilding Without Building a World Bible

Worldbuilding can be an intimidating part of writing science fiction/fantasy, whether it’s an epic fantasy or a distant far-future space opera. There are many ways focusing on worldbuilding first can go awry, chief among them the possibility that worldbuilding becomes … Continue reading

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Pitches and Synopses Workshop: Some Highlights

[View the story “Pitches and Synopses Workshop with Jennifer Brozek” on Storify]

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Cat’s Schedule at GenCon 2017

Thursday 10 AM Story Craft: Where Do You Begin Your Story? 12 PM Writing 101: Careers – What a Writing Career Looks Like Friday Lunch plans 5 PM Business of Writing: Handling Problem People — From Divas to Needy Fans … Continue reading

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Upping the Number of Plunkett Slots

Something I’m trying to do this year is pay things forward as much as possible. Recent technological upgrades means I can now fit more than 8-9 people in a class (can now handle up to twice that many, which is more suited to some classes than others), so I figured one way to do that is to make more class slots available to people who couldn’t otherwise afford the class.

So, each class now has three Plunkett scholarship slots, the third of which is specifically reserved for QUILTBAG and POC applicants. Everyone is encouraged to apply, but I want to make sure it’s getting to a diverse range. The only qualification for a Plunkett is this: you would not be able to afford the class otherwise. Just mail me with the name/date of the class and 1-3 sentences about why you want to take it.
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Reading Doc Savage: The Spook Legion

We return to a gentler, more innocent world again with Doc Savage number 16: The Spook Legion. In the intervening time since Quest of Qui, they’ve undergone adventures The Fantastic Island, Land of Always-Night, and Murder Melody. For people interested in undertaking their own reads, here’s an excellent post about which Doc Savage books to start with.

On the red-toned cover, Doc confronts a machine with what seems to be a cabalistic gesture of some sort. Maybe just jazz hands; the cover artist was fond of a particular kind of pose. Careful ok shows Doc is in the process of turning insibile; the bricks behind him are starting to show through.

Author Lester Dent tries to pull off some tricky stuff in this book and it sometimes trips him up, unfortunately. How much that actually affects the book is something I’ll leave to you to judge. It’s also a fairly convoluted book, presenting the information as though sliding things into place to give us the final picture. You have to respect Dent’s ability to plot and willingness to just go all the way with the weirdness at times.
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