Wayward Wormhole: Getting to the Castle

An update from Janet, who has been working away at answering questions.

The Wayward Wormhole just made getting to the castle a (w)hole lot easier by meeting you at the airport! Cat and I will head to Barcelona Airport and wait for your flight. We’ll both help with luggage and get you to the shuttle that takes us to the train station. I’ll make the trip to Vic with you and then drive you to the castle. Cat Rambo will stay at the airport, greet the next group of students, and escort them to Vic, where I’ll be waiting to drive back to the castle.

Why would we do this?

1. You are important to us plus the trip is long and generally annoying—we can help make it easier.

2. Your visit will cover a minimum of twenty-two days. That’s a lot of underwear. Yes, the castle has two washing machines, but you’ll want a few changes of clothes and other stuff, so you’ll most likely travel with more than a carry-on bag. We can help with that.

3. Traveling with someone familiar with the trip reduces anxiety, and who doesn’t need a little less anxiety these days?

Do you need to get to the castle this way? No.

Will we provide detailed instructions if you want to travel on your own? Of course, we will.

What does the trip from the airport to the castle entail? To travel the 75 miles (121 km) you’ll need to do the following:

– Take the shuttle bus from the main airport to Terminal B. They travel back and forth constantly.

31 minutes.

– Terminal B has a large train station. A train to Vic leaves every ten min. or so from 4:20 am to 10 pm. By a ticket (approx. 14 euros), catch a train.

1 h 20 minutes.

– At Vic, a car will meet you at the train station and drive you to the castle. 45 minutes.

It’s a long day, so we hope you arrive a day or two early and rest up before Sarah Pinsker gets a hold of you on November 1st.

Got any questions? Email me at janetwaywardwormhole@gmail.com


Addendum from Cat: When Janet suggested this, I immediately agreed. I’m happy to be there to greet people. There’s a great little cafe there and I plan to bring a notebook and enjoy a bocadilla and some coffee while hanging out. The airport is mid-sized, and well-marked. I’ll have my cellphone handy should you need to ping me for guidance. The train ride is pretty easy and pleasant – so much to look at!

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