Videos From Past Classes Available Through the End of the Year

I’m making videos from some of my past classes available for $25 each through the end of the year. Here’s the list.

Fixing the Broken Story – Sometimes you know a story isn’t working, but you don’t know why. Identifying gaps and structural problems is the first step to fixing them. In this workshop you will learn techniques for identifying what’s missing in a story and then fixing the problem through a mixture of lecture, discussion, and in-class exercises.

Twenty Types of Terror: Exploring Horror Subgenres – Horror comes in a variety of flavors, each with its own special advantages and disadvantages. We will run through the various forms, talking about how to write them, and performing exercises to generate stories in several of the subgenres. Content warning: horror writing may range into all sorts of sensitive areas, including graphic violence and death.

Follow the Money: Worldbuilding and Economics – Far too often, writers don’t consider the economic underpinnings of the world in which they’re working. But factoring in finances can yield new story ideas as well as plot twists and turns, rich world-building details, and insight into character and motivation. How do you use economics to create not more sensible worlds — but more interesting ones?

Writing Flash Fiction – This workshop focuses on flash fiction, also known as short short stories. The workshop consists of a mixture of lecture, in-class writing exercises, discussion of how to turn fragments into flash, and an overview of flash fiction markets. Come prepared to write! By the end of the class you will have 3-4 “word lumps” and the knowledge required to turn them into actual flash fiction pieces.

Picture of an open book with the words "Upping Your Game with Titles and Names" and the URL Upping Your Game with Titles and Names – A killer title can be the chef’s kiss atop an awesome story, or the flashy lure that pulls your reader in. How do you come up with that title and that takes your fiction even further? And names matter inside a story too: your character usually has nicknames, aliases, titles, and more. How can you use this to flesh out both your world and your character? Join Cat Rambo for a mix of lecture, discussion, and writing tips and exercises designed to have you thinking in new ways about names and titles as well as coming away with plenty of techniques and inspiration for future use.

Writing Your Way Into Your Novel – The process of novel-writing varies greatly, but one thing is always true: a butt must go into a chair and the words must be written. Come find out how to get past sticking points through a combination of lecture and writing exercises that will help you map out your course for navigating the sea of words and build a daily writing practice that will get you to the end of the book.

To order any of these, mail me with the names of the ones you would like and how you would prefer to pay (Paypal, Venmo, check, other form).

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