Rambo Academy Campus Calendar for February 2021

Zoom links will be available on Patreon, pinned in #localannouncements on the Discord server, and available via the !calendar command on Discord.

How do you get access to these events? Details are here, but basically you can subscribe through Patreon or Paypal. There are free scholarships.

Event explanations:

  • Unmoderated co-working. Log on and work with other Chez Rambo peeps. Does not have to be writing. Structure is up to the participants.
  • Moderated co-working. Cat or designated other will lead three thirty minute sprints, with check-ins to say how we’re doing in between. Does not have to be writing.
  • Chillax and chat:. Hang out and craft or clean your virtual or real workspace while we talk about stuff.
  • Story discussion group. Story changes every two weeks; titles and links will be posted on Discord and Patreon. Additional resources will be in #thepanel channel on Discord.
  • Writing Games. Bring a prompt if you like. We all write for 10 minutes to the same prompt, then people who want to share theirs. Then we do that a couple more times. Great jolt of creativity

All days
12-3 AM Midnight co-working (unmoderated)
8:30-10:30 AM Morning co-working (unmoderated)
1-3 PM Afternoon co-working (moderated, weekdays only)

Weekly Events:
6:30-830 PM Evening co-working (unmoderated)

11-12 PM Story discussion or writing games morning session
4-5 PM Story discussion or writing games evening session

10-11 AM Chill and chat

Upcoming Classes

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