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Video: Interview with David Steffen

If you’re not familiar with the Submission Grinder, it’s a web utility that many genre writers spend a lot of time staring at. I thought it would be interesting to talk to David about how the Grinder came about and … Continue reading

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New Book, and Various Exhortations of an Inspirational Nature

It’s always exciting for me when a project comes out, and particularly when it’s an actual book. Last week marked a special “book birthday” because my collaboration with James Morrow and Harry Turtledove, And the Last Trump Shall Sound, came out. I wrote the novella pre-pandemic, and it was an interesting challenge in multiple ways, partly because of the subject matter and where it is placed in time and partly because of the wildly different natures of the three novellas.
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Guest Post: Carrie Vaughn on That Ineffable Quality of Voice

Ask many writers what got them to the next level, what separates great writers from good writers, sparkling writing from the merely competent, and they’ll often give the same answer: voice. A voice that stands out, that grabs the reader and … Continue reading

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Video: Interview with Yaroslav Barsukov

Here’s an interview with Russian speculative fiction writer Yaroslav Barsukov, the first installment of whose novella, “Tower of Mist and Straw” appeared in the September issue of Metaphorosis Magazine: We had a delightful time discussing the genesis of his novella, … Continue reading

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Anthology Call: The Reinvented Heart

Science fiction often thinks about the technology and science without considering the ways social structures will change as tech changes — or not. What will relationships look like in the future when we have complications like clones, uploaded intelligences, artificial … Continue reading

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Video: Flash Fiction Story “Counting”

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Guest Post: Daniel Pinkwater on How He Exercises His Profession

I don’t know about other writers. For one thing, I’ve never been another writer. For another, although I’ve observed practically all the interviews, or as in this case requested from writers, are about how the writing is done, creative tricks, recipes and such. I can’t listen to, view, or read that stuff…not that it isn’t full of useful information, just that my attention wanders, or I fall asleep. So, the nice guy who works for the publisher and arranges this kind of thing told me it would be a good idea if I wrote something about writing. And I just told you that I really don’t know anything about how other writers do it.
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Video: New Classes Coming Up for the Rambo Academy

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Rambo Academy Campus Calendar for September

All times are Pacific. (Here is a time zone resource.) Campus events are open to Chez Rambo Discord server members; join us by supporting Cat on Patreon in order to access the server and get class discounts and other freebies. … Continue reading

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