Free Fiction: Stories Newly Enrolled in Kindle Unlimited

If you’re into short stories and have Kindle Unlimited, I made all of these free:

Women of Zalanthas are all stories based in the game I used to write for, Armageddon MUD. The game’s still going strong, and you can find it here.

Aquila’s Ring: Aquila Nenyuk finds herself thrust into a world of scheming nobles and political power struggles. When she falls in love with Marius Tor, will he bring her happiness or heartbreak? Originally published in Shadows & Light II.

Karaluvian Fale: Impoverished noble Karaluvian Fale struggles to keep up appearances in the face of Allanaki society, which is all too ready to condemn her. When she has a chance to shape a city-wide festival, will she be able to turn the tables on the families that have mocked the Fales for so long?

Mirabai the Twice-lived: Mirabai is appointed the spiritual leader of her people, despite her extreme youth. She leads them through the decades only to be presented with an unexpected second chance in her later years.

I’ve also made the following available:

Tabat stories include:

  • Narrative of a Beast’s Life: Taken from his home village, the centaur Fino is enslaved and shipped to a new land, where he must learn to cope with the trainer determined to break him. This short story originally appeared in Realms of Fantasy.
  • Events at Fort Plentitude: An exiled soldier tries to wait out a winter in a fort beleaguered by fox-spirits and winter demons. Originally appeared in Weird Tales under editor Ann VanderMeer.
  • How Dogs Came to the New Continent is a short story pulled from the events of the novel Hearts of Tabat, told in the form of a meandering historical paper that teases out more behind the oppression of Beasts and their emerging political struggle.

Her Windowed Eyes, Her Chambered Heart is steampunk horror based on an episode of the old Wild Wild West TV series. Pinkerton agents Artemus West and Elspeth Sorehs have been chasing their prey across the country. When they finally catch up with him near the outskirts of the Cascades, though, they realize he’s gone to ground in a mysterious house that once belonged to his mother, a famous inventor. What secrets hidden in the house will they discover—and how will the house protect its returned son?

Grandmother is space opera with an older female protagonist. Space pirate Phoenix, now retired, finds herself facing an unlikely opponent. Will she and her lover Gareth be able to survive the deadly scheme set up to destroy them and the planet Phoenix rules?

Elsewhere, Within, Elsewhen: On a distant planet, David struggles to overcome his husband’s betrayal, only to encounter an unlikely sympathizer in the form of one of the planet’s native inhabitants. But are its intentions truly benign?

Like these and want me to make other stories available? Review these or drop me a line in the comments!

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