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If you don’t know what the SFWA First Chapters project is, it’s an effort to collect first chapters from F&SF novels published throughout the year in a single compendium. This should help with reading for awards in that you have a chance to sample books before figuring out what you want to read in its entirety. For writers, it should be a chance to get that first chapter in front of reader eyes in order to convince them they want to keep going. In 2018 the focus is getting indie writers up and running with the program, but if you’re a small publisher interested in participating, let me know.

As part of that project, I asked the group working on it to make sure that people uploading first chapters can keyword their work so, for example, if you just wanted to see chapters eligible for a specific award, like the Sideways, Prometheus, or Andre Norton Awards.

Here’s the list I just gave them. Any other awards you’d add? I didn’t include ones that are restricted by geographical area like the Aurora or Endeavour Awards.

List of all keywords:
Alternative history novel
Anthropomorphic novel
Fantasy novel
First novel
Game-related novel
Horror novel
Media tie-in novel
MG novel
Military SF novel
PKD eligible
SF novel
Urban fantasy novel
YA novel

Bram Stoker Award

Keywords: First novel, horror novel, YA novel


British Fantasy Awards

Keywords: fantasy novel, horror novel


British Science Fiction Awards

Keywords: SF novel


Compton Crook Award

Keywords: First novel


David Gemmell Awards for Fantasy

Keywords: fantasy novel, first novel

Dragon Awards

Keywords: SF novel, fantasy novel, YA novel, MG novel, military SF novel, alternative history novel, media tie-in novel, horror novel

Ennie Awards

Keywords: game-related novel


Hugo Awards
Keywords: SF novel, fantasy novel


Keystroke Medium Awards

Keywords: SF novel, military SF novel, post-apocalyptic novel, fantasy novel, epic fantasy novel, urban fantasy novel, horror novel

Locus Awards

Keywords: SF novel, fantasy novel, first novel, YA novel


Nebula Awards/Norton

Keywords: Fantasy novel, SF novel, YA novel, MG novel


Philip K. Dick Award

Keywords: PKD eligible (appeared in paperback rather than HB first)


Prometheus Award

Keywords: libertarian novel


Sideways Awards
Keywords: alternative history novel

Ursa Major Awards

Keywords: anthropomorphic novel


World Fantasy Awards

Keywords: fantasy novel

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