Promises for the 2018 SFWA Presidency


  1. I will not threaten any countries or national leaders with veiled (or direct) references to my boobs. Or vulva.
  2. I will continue not to be involved with SFWA controversies, slights, feuds, grudges, mishaps, bureaucratic screw-ups, gross incompetences, and other scandals of note that occurred before I first defeated all comers and ascended to the throne took office as VP in 2014.
  3. I will continue to let other people run the following things: the EMF, Griefcom, Writer Beware, the discussion forums, SFWA social media, the SFWA website, the Bulletin, the SFWA volunteer process, the SFWA Grants program, the Singularity, and the vast majority of SFWA committees.
  4. I will celebrate the glory of SFWA by wearing both tiara and trident to the 2018 Nebulas. I will not abuse the trident. Much.
  5. I will also wear my “Gay Haldeman Fan Club” t-shirt to the Nebulas while continuing to celebrate the many excellent volunteers and staff of the organization at both the volunteer celebration breakfast (if you are a SFWA volunteer who is coming to the Nebulas, please leave time in your schedule on Sunday morning for this!) and throughout the overall weekend.
  6. I will refrain from blowing part of my discretionary fund on Nebula temporary tattoos this year because last year they weren’t enough bang for the buck.
  7. Throughout the year I will try to push good stuff forward as best I can without totally sacrificing all my writing time.
  8. I will continue to be slightly cranky towards people who contact me via social media or my personal e-mail instead of official SFWA email while refraining from pointedly providing “Let me Google that for you” links.
  9. I will work at paying attention to all the disparate groups that make up SFWA and serve their needs, particularly both our newer groups, like game writers and indie writers and groups that have in the past been underrepresented or underserved in/by the organization.
  10. I will continue to piss off a few people with what they think is my irreverent or otherwise inappropriate sense of humor/outlook/set of principles.
  11. And finally, as always, when I screw up, I’ll admit it and say what I’m doing in the future in order to do better.
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Cat Rambo lives, writes, and teaches by the shores of an eagle-haunted lake in the Pacific Northwest. Her 200+ fiction publications include stories in Asimov's, Clarkesworld Magazine, and the magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. Her story, "Five Ways to Fall in Love on Planet Porcelain," from her collection Near + Far (Hydra House Books), was a 2012 Nebula nominee. Her editorship of Fantasy Magazine earned her a World Fantasy Award nomination in 2012. She is the current President of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA). She is currently working on Exiles of Tabat, the third book of the Tabat Quartet. A new story collection, Neither Here Nor There, appears from Hydra House this fall.
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