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Catch-up and Recent News as of the End of June, 2014

I’m going to be setting up a Patreon campaign, because I’ve got a big backlog of stories and figure releasing them on my own while on the road will probably work as well as worrying about keeping them submitted. If you might be interested in subscribing to get two short stories each month, please sign up for that mailing list, and drop me a comment here to let me know what sort of things you might like to accompany that. What sort of cost would be appropriate for a subscription that lets you supply a prompt or get a Tuckerization, for example?
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WIP: The Bloodwarm Rain, Part 3

I’m on fire! was my first thought. Then — some very stupid part of me bubbled up But look at how pretty the blue edges flicker — and then panic overwhelmed me again as some lizard part of my brain … Continue reading

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WIP: Teaser from The Bloodwarm Rain, Part 2

Along Vera’s neck, on either side, are three round bits of grillwork, and when she comes in hard and fast, they scream, a whine that grates along all your nerves, even when you’ve heard it before. They screamed now, and … Continue reading

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Recent News as of June 2014

We just got back from a two week trip to California, which was lovely, and are back to the scramble of getting the condo ready to sell. Painting, hanging blinds, replacing doorknobs, wheee! We hope to hit the road sometime … Continue reading

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WIP: Teaser from The Bloodwarm Rain (YA SF)

I’d been feeling queazy for miles — too much fresh fruit last town, trying to pack in as much as I could — so finally I tapped Roto on the shoulder and we left the bus during a stretch and pee break. Big Fredo was driving the tents truck and he had a sweet spot for Roto, so he let us climb up into the sheltered spot just behind the cab, where we were sheltered from the wind but still could feel the bite of the air and where, if I needed to, I could lean out and vomit into the sandy gravel of the road.
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