Cat’s Norwescon 37 Schedule

Here’s where I’ll be. If you’re a SFWA member, you’ll also see me at the Saturday morning meeting.

Geek, Geek, Don’t Tell Me!
Fri 4:00pm-5:00pm Evergreen 3&4
If you enjoy NPR’s weekly quiz show “Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!” you’ll enjoy our humorous F&SF version of this popular show. We’ll test audience members’ knowledge against a panel of Pro artists, authors, and film critics in the field as former co-workers Les Howle and Brooks Peck, current Science Fiction Museum curator, display images from books, films, comics, and art from the 1940’s till now. Our panel of pros will give answers and our audience participants will bet on whether they are right or wrong. Chocolate to the winners!
Brooks Peck (M), Caren Gussoff, Leslie Howle, John Picacio, Cat Rambo

Defining Urban Fantasy
Sat 1:00pm-2:00pm Cascade 3&4
There are almost as many definitions of urban fantasy as there are readers. Is it simply a supernatural story in an urban setting? Does this mean the “mean streets” of urban fantasy are more metaphorical than actual? Is the fantastic in urban fantasy a part of the landscape, or can it just be an intrusion? The panel will look at different explanations, interpretations, and expectations that writers and readers bring to the genre.
Cat Rambo (M), Myke Cole, Stina Leicht, Kat Richardson, Duane Wilkins

Reading: Cat Rambo
Sat 5:00pm-5:30pm Cascade 1
All the Pretty Little Mermaids. Near future feminist SF that recently appeared in Asimov’s. Some adult language and mild violence. Rated R
(I am actually planning on reading something completely different. It’s funny. You will probably like it.)
Cat Rambo

First Page Idol
Sat 3:00pm-4:00pm Cascade 10
Feeling brave and bold? Send us your novel’s first page to be read aloud and critiqued by three pros. (Email to:
Phoebe Kitanidis (M), Camille Alexa, Cat Rambo, Kevin Scott

Writing What You Don’t Know
Sun Noon-1:00pm Cascade 5
Many writers have heard the advice to “write what you know”. But, have you really met any dragons, or robots, or zombies, or vampires? How do you write about something that you haven’t experienced personally? Tips for how to (and how not to) use research and common sense to improve your writing.
Cat Rambo (M), Ann Gimpel, John (J.A.) Pitts, Kat Richardson

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About Cat

Cat Rambo lives, writes, and teaches by the shores of an eagle-haunted lake in the Pacific Northwest. Her 200+ fiction publications include stories in Asimov's, Clarkesworld Magazine, and the magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. Her story, "Five Ways to Fall in Love on Planet Porcelain," from her collection Near + Far (Hydra House Books), was a 2012 Nebula nominee. Her editorship of Fantasy Magazine earned her a World Fantasy Award nomination in 2012. She is the current President of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA). She is currently working on Exiles of Tabat, the third book of the Tabat Quartet. A new story collection, Neither Here Nor There, appears from Hydra House this fall.
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