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Goodbye, Jitters

Today was a mournful day. Every morning I go grab coffee at a local coffee shop called Jitters, which has been around Redmond much longer than I have: 22 years to my 14. But now they’ve had to close their location (a repurposed bank building) and haven’t been able to find a new place.
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Creating Glass Garden Flowers: A Walkthrough

When I set out to make the glass garden flowers for Mom, I found plenty of pictures but very few tutorials. So here’s a walkthrough of the process, which should illustrate one important thing about these: they’re not a last minute project. The paint takes time to dry, as does the adhesive, which you will need to do in at least two stages.
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Getting Ready for 2014: One Method of Decluttering

We’ve (as in two humans, two cats, a briefly lived betta, and assorted temporary insects) lived in this space since 2001. While I’ve decluttered and cleaned before, cruft inevitably creeps in. An odd little ball colored red, white, and blue. Countless keys. Sharpies in a rainbow of colors. Twists and ties and clips. Twenty years after my D&D days, there’s still a few polyhedrals rolling around.

Many things have memories attached, and discarding the object sometimes feels like discarding the memory. The paperweight I bought in Prague while traveling to train Eastern Europeans about network security software. A tin butterfly from our time in Mexico when I was a child. The sequinned baby shoes I use as a prop in the flash class. I feel as though if I put them aside I may lose the thing that triggers the memory.

While I’m not ditching everything, a lot of these are getting digitized.
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Unwritten Creativity: Glass Garden Flowers For Mom

One of Mom’s presents this year was a set of garden flowers made from odd plates and dishes. These were a lot of fun to assemble, and I want to, over the course of the next few months, make a set that goes across the problematically shady front section of her house. Combined with the tulips and irises, that should fill things out and add both color and a touch of individuality.

I’d gotten the idea from seeing them on Pinterest. I did do some picking through thrift stores to find odd bits of china, but also used some pieces I’d gathered over the years. It seemed like a nice way to carry out the decluttering mission, but preserve some of those memories. I augmented some pieces with glass or metallic spray paint and glued on glass pebbles, marbles, and other odd bits. The fixative for all of this is Marine Goop, which you can find on Amazon.
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Getting Ready for 2014: On Going Through My Books

One of the things 2014 is bringing is all sorts of interesting and awesome changes, but part of that is a need to trim down drastically. So I’ve been going through my books getting ready to sell a lot of them. Many are from teen years, college, or grad school. Some sparked stories, or were gifts, or were written by people I respect and admire and sometimes love. Some are signed. Some have notes jotted in them. Some were books that changed my life.
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Five (More) Gifts for Speculative Fiction Writers

A couple of days, I blogged with five gifts for speculative fiction writers. Here’s an additional five, which you can get in time for the holidays still.
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Five Gifts for Speculative Fiction Writers

Here’s five gifts for the writer on your list (even if it’s yourself).
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Guest Post: My Take on Critique Groups (C.M. Michaels)

I’m going to be experimenting with including some guest content on my blog, primarily authors talking about their books. If you’re interested in participating in that, please drop me a line. Here author C.M. Michaels talks about the necessary components of critique groups. Continue reading

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2013 Wrap-Up

Well, it’s been a very good year.

I had 20 original stories come out. Here’s the list, if you want to look for some of them.
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Teaser from an Untitled Work in Progress

This story’s still deciding whether it’s a comedy or a tragedy. I suspect a little of both. When he realized how upset his wife was, George wondered if he might have miscalculated. Normally a quiet and loving partner, she was … Continue reading

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