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Social Media: FollowerWonk Writeup and Links for 3/25/2013

I spend at least a little time each day looking at social media news and new stuff and track the most useful links here. If you enjoyed last week’s Pinterest Analytics post, are interested in using that social network more effectively, and have an hour where you need something to listen to, I recommend this webinar. Among other things, I found out why people do those long tall pictures/infographics (which was obvious once I thought about it, so everyone else in the world may have already figured that out).

So here’s some thoughts after spending some time poking at an app provided by, Followerwonk, a Twitter Analytics tool.
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Another Teaser From the Glitter & Mayhem Story

Summer wound down, and we entered heat-mad August, days of sweat and sunshine, so hot you didn’t really want to move. But somehow, when evening started falling and the air cooled off a little, your energy would return. And sometimes … Continue reading

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Tools For Writers: Using Dragon Dictate

For a couple of months now, I’ve been experimenting with using Dragon Dictate for writing, both fiction and nonfiction. In fact, I’m using it to write this post.
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Frivolous Friday: Miscellaneous Links for 3/22/2013

Links of interest from this week include: a man, a cat, and a cell phone, Victorian slang, gender neutrality, rainbow roses, gauchopunk, and setting schedules.
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Recent Writing/Publishing Related Links, 3/20/2013

Recent writing and publishing links of interest, including how to deliver information, how to break out of slush piles, some market resources, neuroscience, and gender breakdowns in publishing.
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A Couple of Flash Fiction Recommendations for 3/19/2013

I really like this flash piece. It’s lovely and sweet. “Beholder” by Sarah Grey on Flash Fiction Online. Another flash piece, this time from the inimitable Folly Blaine, Scattered.

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Teaser from the Glitter and Mayhem story

I’m finishing up a story for the Glitter and Mayhem anthology, involving the Midwestern town I grew up in and lesbian were-seals. Here’s what may be the opener. Here’s Anna and I all through high school: a geeky Hispanic theater … Continue reading

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Social Media: Pinterest Analytics and Links for 3/18/2013

Pinterest has rolled out Pinterest Analytics. To add it to your site in order to see what’s getting pinned, you need to verify your site. Here’s the instructions for doing so.
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What Exactly Do We Do in the Editing 101 Class?

I’m glad I’ve got enough students for the Editing 101 online class that starts tonight, but I’d love a couple more. Mention reading this when you mail me about the class and I’ll give you a special deal. 😉

So what do we do and who is the class aimed at?

The class is aimed both at writers who want to learn to edit their work better as well as editors who want to hone their skills and learn about it as a career path.
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Frivolous Friday: Miscellaneous Links for 3/15/2013

Here’s a grab-bag of interesting and utterly unrelated links with which to amuse yourself.
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