View of St. Petersburg

Taken while in St. Petersburg, Florida

The merry but busy month of May is past, huzzah! Rio Hondo was awesome, and had such amazing participants (there are some pics frm it up on Facebook, if you have an account on there).

I’m reworking what I have of THE EASTER BUNNY MUST DIE! based on feedback from the workshop, and currently on track to have it done by the end of the summer. I’m participating in the Clarion West Write-a-thon this summer and will be working on that, as well as finishing up a passel of stories I promised to do, including a novella set in the Fathomless Abyss shared world.

I’m reading with K.C. Ball at the University Bookstore in Seattle this Monday, June 11, at 7 pm.

I’m also looking forward to Clarion West and the great reading series that will accompany it, as well as the chance to meet a fine new crop of students. Con-wise, I’ll be at ArmadilloCon, GearCon, and then rounding out the summer with WorldCon.

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