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So I read a great piece of flash fiction…

So I read a great piece of flash fiction a few months back, in a world where children stepping on cracks really does break their mothers' backs and so the big struggle for women is whether or not to bear … Continue reading

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News: The Fathomless Abyss

I’ve got the okay to announce this, so here you are: I’ve got a story in the upcoming Fathomless Abyss anthology and I’ll be putting out a longer work set there next year. It’s a very cool project, and I’m pleased to be part of it, along with Philip Athans, Jay Lake, J. M. McDermott, Mel Odom, Mike Resnick, and Brad Torgersen. Continue reading

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Perhaps Useful For People Who Want to Write Faster

This was a really useful article. Some highlights: “Every writing session after this realization, I dedicated five minutes (sometimes more, never less) and wrote out a quick description of what I was going to write. Sometimes it wasn’t even a … Continue reading

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Note found on my desk reads:

Note found on my desk reads: “Marxist vampire, Kantian river god.” Not sure what story that was, but I wish I remember the impulse behind that note.

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On Writing Process: Writers Just Effing Write

Here is one of the wisest things about writing process ever told me, said by Syne Mitchell during a Clarion West Friday mystery muse visit: “Try lots of things, find out what works for you, and then do that. Lots.” Brilliant. Continue reading

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Links and News for Friday, November 18, 2011

Open mike at the Redmond Teen Center this Saturday, klids’ art, starry skies, people making art, reasons your reader keeps reading, the James Thurber House, reading for your Kindle, and an online workshop. Continue reading

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News: Offering an Online Workshop

Several people have been asking if I’d offer an online workshop and I’ve been thinking about how best to do that. So here goes. Please spread the word of this however you can. If I don’t get at least 3 students for a workshop, I’ll cancel it. Continue reading

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Story Prompts: Ten Impulses Towards Flash

I talked yesterday about flash fiction, what it is and why writers might want to write some. I mentioned that it’s a great place to try out new techniques. So here’s five possible things to focus on in a flash piece, with five more coming on Monday. Pick one and sit down and write the story. How long should it be? That’s entirely your call. Continue reading

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Why Flash Fiction?

I’m doing my Flash Fiction workshop tonight (not Saturday, apologies for any confusion) and so I’m prompted to talk about some of my motivation in giving the class and why I think it’s a useful one for writers. What is flash fiction? As the name would imply, it’s short. Short, short, short. It’s sometimes called short-short stories for that reason. Continue reading

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RamboCon – Proposed Sessions for an Imaginary Spec-Fic Convention

Some panel ideas, which any convention organizer is welcome to grab: Making the Transition from Short Story to Novel, The Architecture of the Country of the Blind, What the F*** is Flash Fiction? Continue reading

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