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Submerging, And Other Random Thoughts about Novelspinning

One of the questions I’ve been asked several times and never known how to answer before is “How is writing a novel different than writing a short story?” The smart-ass answer is, of course, a novel is longer, but it’s more than that, more a question of the complexity that a greater length affords you, an ability to move in four dimensions rather than just three.

A short story is smaller, flatter, closer to two-dimensional, while a novel has at least four and probably much more than that. Things interconnect in a short story, but in a novel those interconnections become even more important, indeed are kind of building block. In a novel, things reflect, are doubled, made more complicated, imbued with meaning. So what’s the difference? For me, it’s in the writing, in getting enough of the book in my head to be able to figure out where it’s going next.
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Some Maunderings About Rewriting a Novel

If you’re friend or family, you may know something about it, or even have read one of the many, many earlier drafts.

And I’m really happy with it, but holy cow, is it hard to rewrite a novel. Because you’ve got to manage it all in your head while working with smaller parts of it.
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First Pages Workshop This Sunday

This Sunday Louise Marley and I are doing our online First Pages workshop again. You give us the first 500 words of your novel and we will talk about what’s getting set up for the book, what you might want to watch for, what you’re promising (or not promising) your readers, world-building and how important it is in that first section, marketing, titling, advice on agents and sending the manuscript out, and a scad of other things. It’s a workshop that participants come away from feeling charged and ready and with pages of notes about things to do. Continue reading

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NaNoWriMo – What Now?

As I continue to explore new revenue streams for the upcoming year, I’m trying to add a bit more in the way of editing, since it’s one of the things I really enjoy doing, and which feels in some ways like an extension of the fiction. So here’s my “Completed Nano? What Now?” package. Continue reading

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