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Revising Your Novel with Kate Heartfield

So you’ve got a first draft—or you soon will. Now what? This class will take you through the steps to identify what your manuscript needs now, and help you make a feasible plan to do the work, from major structural renovation … Continue reading

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Head Hopping and Head Hunting: Deep Point of View Writing with Tracy Townsend

Writers are often encouraged to focus on developing their voice, much of which comes from how they approach point of view in their work. In this class, you’ll work with Tracy Townsend, author of the Thieves of Fate series from … Continue reading

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Diversity Plus: East Asian Storytelling Forms and Themes with Henry Lien

Values are not universal across all cultures, and thus what a satisfying story looks like is not limited to one model either. This course examines East Asian storytelling forms and themes, including the four-act kishōtenketsu structure, which is not based … Continue reading

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Setting the Stakes: How to Pull the Reader (and Yourself) Through the Story with Tobias Buckell

Sometimes stories flounder because it’s not clear what’s at stake, and that confusion can happen to the writer as well as the reader. How do you communicate what’s important to your reader and how can you use that same information in … Continue reading

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Dunking the Reader in the Details: Toolsets for Creating Immersive Worlds with Cat Rambo

How do you create a world that feels immersive to your reader without drowning them in description? What details should be included — and what should be left out? Cat Rambo gives you twelve tools to use for creating immersive … Continue reading

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Moving Your Story from Idea to Finished Draft with Cat Rambo

The question isn’t how to tell a good idea from a bad one; it’s how to learn to turn any idea into a story. Come with a story idea, no matter how vague. We’ll discuss multiple ways of plotting a … Continue reading

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In Flagrante Delicto: Writing Effective Sex Scenes with Catherine Lundoff

Tired of fading to black every time your characters get intimate? Not quite sure what to do once they’re in the clinch? Want characters whose romantic moments have some spark, sizzle, and steam to them? Learn some of the building … Continue reading

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Hooray for Evil: Fearsome Monsters and Effective Villains with Evan J. Peterson

What scares you? It’s a challenge to create original and believable monsters and villains. Monsterologist Evan J. Peterson will take students through a course in creating fearsome characters and beasts. Tap into what disturbs you and use that to flesh out … Continue reading

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Worldbuilding as a Banquet with Fran Wilde

Like a meal, a banquet is a collection of layers. And while these layers do include the meal itself, a banquet is also a rich, deep-dive into the politics of proximity, excess, calamity, and power. (For those who want to … Continue reading

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The Algorithms of Storytelling: Design Patterns and Fiction with Cat Rambo and Wayne Rambo

Software coding and fiction writing can overlap, particularly in the area of design patterns and algorithms that can be applied to help you plan and execute a successful story. Join Cat and Wayne Rambo—published authors as well as programmers—who will discuss the … Continue reading

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