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Here’s Where I Am At Norwescon Today – Thursday

If you’re at Norwescon, say hi! Here’s my schedule for today:
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Classes: Everything You Need To Know About Electronic Publishing

Got a class coming up Sunday that I wanted to tout a bit, since there are still openings. One of the ways I figure out classes is by paying attention to what questions come up over and over again in the Writing F&SF class. Enough people were asking about all sorts of aspects of electronic publishing that we could run a day long session on it.

Instead, Tod McCoy of Hydra House and I are going to try to cover some basics over the course of a two hour session, including questions like this: Continue reading

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Why I Love My Writing Group

So, as some may know, I’ve been working on a particular book for a loooong time. Looooong time. It’s the first in a fantasy trilogy and this manuscript has undergone so many convulsions and rewrites that I was getting to the point where I was worried I’d kill it if I went much further. Based on some solid feedback from an interested agent, I started wrestling with it again and performed some major surgery: excised a number of points of view (which will end up in Book 2), removed some extraneous (but charming!) bits misguidedly intended as textual amuse-bouches between chapters, and switched one point of view from 3rd person past to 1st person present.

I was encouraged, but worried that the patient might not have survived the surgery. So I dumped it on my writing group, whose members rose whole-heartedly to the challenge, and we critted it last Saturday.
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10 Reasons I’m So Happy With The Way Near + Far Turned Out

I’m prepping for next week and the official release of the book. I’ll be doing some blog posts about the interior art over the next few days as well as trying to tie up a lot of loose ends. (And I’m prepping for the next round of classes – plenty of time to sign up still if you’re interested.) And at the end of the month, I’m off to Baltimore for a few days for the Baltimore Book Festival, yay!

The party at WorldCon was so! great! And it helps to have such a nifty book to show off. So I wanted to enthuse a bit more about it and why I’m so happy with it.
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