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Teaser: More from Laurel Finch

This is the steampunk world (Altered America) I’ve been writing in lately, and I’m pleased to say Beneath Ceaseless Skies just took another of the stories set in it, “So Little Comfort.” The title of this story is “Laurel Finch, Laurel Finch, Where Do You Wander?”
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Teaser From Another Unfinished Steampunk Story

I’ve been writing a lot in a steampunk world lately; this is the fourth story set in this world. The passengers are headed to Seattle, but a version much grimier and war-ridden than our own. The Civil War is three years over; another war, over a substance called phlogiston, has arisen.
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Teaser from A Still-untitled Steampunk Piece

This snippet from the story I’m currently working on is set in the same world as recent pieces “Her Windowed Eyes, Her Chambered Heart” and “So Little Comfort in This World.”
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Convention Report: SteamCon 2013

Lisa Mantchev described it best when she Tweeted: I’ve never actually been run over by a Zamboni full of glitter, but that’s what it feels like after a really great convention.
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WIP Teaser: Her Windowed Eyes, Her Chambered Heart

Here’s a snippet from what I’ve been working on today. Peeps who attended the Plotting class yesterday (which was AWESOME) – this is the story that I showed you the initial notes for.
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Here’s Where I Am At Norwescon Today – Thursday

If you’re at Norwescon, say hi! Here’s my schedule for today:
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Norwescon 2013 Schedule

Surviving the Slush Pile Thursday 4:00pm-5:00pm Cascade 2 If the editor doesn’t read past the first page, it doesn’t matter how good the rest is. How to quickly capture and hold a slush reader’s attention. Cat Rambo, Gardner Dozois, Jenna … Continue reading

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Teaser from Fairypunk Sleeping Beauty Story, “Seven Clockwork Angels, All Dancing”

I was pleased to be asked to participate in the very cool Fairypunk Stories project. Here’s a teaser from the version of Sleeping Beauty, “Seven Clockwork Angels, All Dancing,” that I just sent off.
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SteamCon Itinerary (October 14-16, Bellevue Hyatt Regency)

Itinerary for the 2011 SteamCon! A reading from The Moon’s Accomplice, Writing Steampunk For Fun & Profit, The Time Machine, Rustproof Steampunk, The Hollow Earth: From Verne to Poe and Beyond Continue reading

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Welcome to the New Year!

Yesterday I blogged about some of the things coming in 2011, and I’d like to raise the question to the readers of this blog – what would you like to see more of in 2011 (on this blog, although in the world in general might be entertaining too.) Also – lesbian steampunk! Continue reading

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