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WIP: The Bloodwarm Rain, Part 3

I’m on fire! was my first thought. Then — some very stupid part of me bubbled up But look at how pretty the blue edges flicker — and then panic overwhelmed me again as some lizard part of my brain … Continue reading

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WIP: The Bloodwarm Rain, Part 2

Along Vera’s neck, on either side, are three round bits of grillwork, and when she comes in hard and fast, they scream, a whine that grates along all your nerves, even when you’ve heard it before. They screamed now, and … Continue reading

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WIP: The Bloodwarm Rain (YA SF)

I’d been feeling queazy for miles — too much fresh fruit last town, trying to pack in as much as I could — so finally I tapped Roto on the shoulder and we left the bus during a stretch and pee break. Big Fredo was driving the tents truck and he had a sweet spot for Roto, so he let us climb up into the sheltered spot just behind the cab, where we were sheltered from the wind but still could feel the bite of the air and where, if I needed to, I could lean out and vomit into the sandy gravel of the road.
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Teaser: Circus in the Bloodwarm Rain

Synopsis: Stella’s life is on the unusual side, but whose isn’t nowadays, half a century after the Fall that led to this ruined landscape with its mesh of mythology and machinery? Still, being brought up as part of a troupe of circus performers wandering along the coast of the Inner Sea, going from small village to small village, sets her apart from many.
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Teaser from A Still-untitled Steampunk Piece

This snippet from the story I’m currently working on is set in the same world as recent pieces “Her Windowed Eyes, Her Chambered Heart” and “So Little Comfort in This World.”
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Teaser from an Untitled Work in Progress

This story’s still deciding whether it’s a comedy or a tragedy. I suspect a little of both. When he realized how upset his wife was, George wondered if he might have miscalculated. Normally a quiet and loving partner, she was … Continue reading

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WIP Teaser: Her Windowed Eyes, Her Chambered Heart

Here’s a snippet from what I’ve been working on today. Peeps who attended the Plotting class yesterday (which was AWESOME) – this is the story that I showed you the initial notes for.
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Snippet from Hearts of Tabat

I’m working on the sequel to recently-finished Beasts of Tabat, whose working title is Hearts of Tabat. Here’s a snippet I wrote this morning.

Adelina did something she’d mocked other people for doing. She consulted a Dream Reader.
Everyone sensible knew that Dream Readers were frauds, making up stories to suit the needs they could read in their clients. Everyone’s dreams were as individual as their minds, everyone had their own internal cartography leading to entirely different parts of their brains.

But the dream had come three mornings in a row. Three mornings when she woke up with a start, fear clamping its fingers, slender as reeds, strong as iron, around her throat, her hands clenched so hard that her nails bit into the heels of her hands.
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Teaser: Another Excerpt from A New Board is Elected at Villa Encantada

Here’s another chunk from “Elections at Villa Encantada,” a darkly humorous story about a very odd condo complex. It’s been fun filling out the complex’s roster a little in this story, and I’m going back to revise one of the unpublished ones with some of these details. Like the talking cacti.
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From the current WIP

(This is from the yet untitled steampunk-new weird-horror piece which I’m thinking will be the first week’s Writeathon story and which I also think may end up at novelette length.) Doctor Larch has a pet crow named Jonah. He says … Continue reading

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