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Reasonable Consequences: Building a Better Alternate Universe with Seanan McGuire

Do you want to build a rational alternate history for your science fiction world?  Or are you trying to establish a functional fantasy basis for your urban fantasy?  We’ll discuss choices, consequences, and the branching paths of real-world causality, and … Continue reading

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Writing Bespoke Stories for Tailored Markets with Seanan McGuire

How do those niche anthologies with such specific topics keep happening?  Are there really that many people organically writing stories about cats with gemstone hearts, talking ravens, or the daughters of Marie Curie?  Today’s class will explore the art and … Continue reading

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Pacing Yourself: The Strange and Sprawling Art of Writing a Long Series

Writing a series can be a long, strange journey. How do you best prepare for it, and where do you stop to refuel? And how do you do know when to keep going and when to bring things to an … Continue reading

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Crypto- and Xenobiology and You: How To Build a Better, More Believable Beast, Using SCIENCE! With Seanan McGuire

Join prolific, award-winning, and overall amazing writer Seanan McGuire on Saturday, August 25, 9:30-11:30 AM Pacific time for a two hour session where anything could happen, but I’m pretty sure wasps will be mentioned. Live classes are taught online via … Continue reading

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