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Rambo Academy Campus Calendar for February 2021

Zoom links will be available on Patreon, pinned in #localannouncements on the Discord server, and available via the !calendar command on Discord. How do you get access to these events?├é┬áDetails are here, but basically you can subscribe through Patreon or … Continue reading

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Where I’ll Be: Cat’s MidameriCon Schedule (Worldcon 2016)

Here’s my schedule. I’ll update this as I fill up time. If you want to talk with me, you’ll find earlier in the day better than later; I tend to hit the hotel room for a hot bath with a … Continue reading

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Where I’ll Be: Cat’s Norwescon 38 Schedule (2015)

Here’s where I’ll be this year at Norwescon. For most of the panels, the title seems self-explanatory. I suspect that “Worth the Dues?” will be about SFWA. Diversity in Spec Fic Publishing Fri 2:00pm-3:00pm – Cascade 3&4 Dennis R. Upkins … Continue reading

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Where I’ll Be: Cat’s Emerald City Comicon Schedule 2015

Hello! Most of the con, I’ll be hanging out at the Wordfire Press booth. Stop by and you can get one of the very first copies of Beasts of Tabat! I am hoping to have some cool stickers to hand … Continue reading

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Cat’s Norwescon 2012 Schedule

Here’s Cat’s schedule for Norwescon. Highlights: I’ll be reading from “So Glad We Had This Time Together,” which originally appeared in APex Magazine, teaming up with Ken Scholes for a first pages workshop, and sitting in on panels about discovering your inner idea mill, radical politics and sci-fi, and the best online markets for writers. Continue reading

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