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Fiction Reading: Hands (Prose Poem)

This prose poem appeared last century! 1997 to be precise. It originally was printed in small press magazine Dreams & Nightmares. It features dancing mice, dreams, and of course…hands.

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Fiction Reading: Tongues of Moon/False Toads

Because who doesn’t like a good toad story?

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Video: Flash Fiction Story “Counting”

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Cat reads at KGB Bar in New York City

Cat reads as part of the KGB reading series.

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Cat’s Schedule: Norwescon 2016

Fri 11:00 AM-12:00 PM – Cascade 7&8 Catching Readers, Hook, Line, & Sinker Cat Rambo (M), Gregory A. Wilson, Leslie Howle, Jude-Marie Green, Tori Centanni Fri 12:00 PM-1:00 PM – Cascade 3&4 The Language of Gender Cat Rambo (M), Jason … Continue reading

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For Forensics Students: A Story Breakdown

Amanda C. Davis recently blogged about the success of a post doing a breakdown of her stories for forensic students. It seems free forensic pieces are in demand for students looking for something to use.

In that spirit, here’s a breakdown of some of my stories that are both short enough to be read with a minimum of trimming and available online for any forensic students, speech class students, or other performers looking for something to read. Because I’ve got a lot of stories, I’m still working through the list and I’ll continue adding stuff as I go. For the complete list, see my publications page.
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Where I’ll Be: Orycon 2013 (Portland, OR)

Many apologies, and I will miss seeing a great many of you, but I will not be making it down for Orycon this weekend.

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A Smorgasbord of Speculative Fiction: August 16, 2013, 8 pm, at the Wayward Coffeehouse

On August 16, 2013, at 8 p.m., Seattle’s Wayward Coffeehouse (6417 N. Roosevelt WAY NE, #104, Seattle, WA) will host a reading of four of the area’s notable speculative fiction writers. Ted Kosmatka, J.M. Sidorova, Django Wexler, and Cat Rambo will read from new and forthcoming work.
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Here’s Where I Am At Norwescon Today – Saturday

No panels! I’ve enjoyed the ones I’ve done so far, and they’ve all been jam-packed, so muchos kudos to programming this year, because they are clearly doing it right. However, I’ll be participating in the Broad Universe Rapidfire Reading in … Continue reading

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Here’s Where I Am At Norwescon Today – Friday

Writing What You Don’t Know Friday 11:00am-Noon Cascade 7 Many writers have heard the advice to “write what you know”. But, have you really met any dragons, or robots, or zombies, or vampires? How do you write about something that … Continue reading

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