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Why I Don’t Want to Read Your Story

I get a lot of requests to look at people’s stories. Sometimes people just send them to me. This has prompted this post, but it is not directed at any specific recent requests. I’m sorry. I really am. I know it’s a great story. But here’s some reasons why I’m not thrilled by your offer to let me read it.
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How to Critique: Best Practices for Workshopping

Both my Writing F&SF Stories and Advanced workshops offer students a chance to critique and be critiqued. To my mind, the latter is actually more useful, because being forced to articulate one’s position on an aspect of writing can be enlightening and instructive. With that in mind, here’s some best practices for such workshops.
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Looking for a Little Help

One of the things I’ve realized is that I need to outsource a few things coming up. I’m hoping to find someone interested in swapping either time in my classes or else editing in exchange for their expertise. (Or I can pay you in recently decluttered books. ;)
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Editing 101 This Sunday

I’ve still got slots in the Editing 101 class taught online this Sunday.This class, a shortened version of the three session class, targets editing both other people‚Äôs works as well as your own. Students have found that learning to trust their editing skills has made them more productive when producing early drafts. Topics include how to edit at both the sentence and story/book level, working well with writers, theory of ToCs, electronic publishing, copyright, and making a living as an editor.

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Online Classes: Buy 2 Get 1 Free Class Offer Ends at Midnight

Consider this a reminder that you’ve got two more days to take advantage of this end of the year offer:

  • Sign up for two single-session classes ($99 each, $89 each for former students) and get a third one free.


  • Sign up for the Writing F&SF Short Stories class or Advanced Story Workshop ($199) and get a single-session workshop free.

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Five (More) Gifts for Speculative Fiction Writers

A couple of days, I blogged with five gifts for speculative fiction writers. Here’s an additional five, which you can get in time for the holidays still.
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Sign Up Now For a Free Session of Building an Online Presence for Writers

On Friday, December 6, at 10 AM PST, I’ll be running a special one hour session of the Building an Online Presence for Writers class that will be broadcast on G+ as well. It’s free, but you do need to … Continue reading

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Take a Class And Get Some Bonus Reading

Bonus: Sign up for a class before August 15, 2013 and get an electronic copy of the reward reading packet for my Clarion West Writeathon sponsors. That’s over 100 pages of fiction that you’ll see before it’s ever published, including the first 50 pages of literary horror novel, Queen of the Fireflies and the first 50 pages of fantasy novel Beasts of Tabat. When you sign up, indicate what format you would like your reading in: mobi, pdf, epub, or doc.
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Why Podcast?

This Sunday, Folly Blaine and I are teaching another podcasting class. Here’s the description: Podcasts, both audio and video, are an increasingly popular way to reach an audience. In this two hour session, learn what you need to know to record and edit your own podcast, how to promote your podcast, and what equipment and software to use. As Folly Blaine, Christy records and acts as Podcast Manager for Every Day Fiction, and has also recorded podcasts for Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Wily Writers, and This Mutant Life; Cat is the former fiction editor of Fantasy Magazine and has recorded podcasts for Clarkesworld, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, and Fantasy Magazine.
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New Podcasting Class With Folly Blaine!

It’s spring in Seattle and I’m celebrating by trying something new. A class that will equip you to record, post, and publicize your own podcast.
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