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Cat Plays Esper Genesis on Twitch

Check out episode four of Esper Genesis on Twitch TV and find out what Petra Cinis, the Ashenforged sentinel, and her Very Large Hammer do this time! Watch it here. Episode One Episode Two Episode Three

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Zen and the Art of Spiral-Carved Incense Burners

One of the desires expressed at the very first Armageddon player-staff meeting I ever attended was a yen to move away from “a hack and slash economy,” where players made their income by selling the gear off NPCs (and the occasional PC) that they had killed. How, one immortal noted, could the world be realistic when there was no coded reflection of the material underpinnings of it? How to create this economic reflection was a question that remained in the air for several years, and it was not until discussion of implementing crafting code came up that such a move seemed possible. Continue reading

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On The Treatment of Coders

This article originally appeared in the now-defunct online magazine Imaginary Realities. It talks about MUD administration, and draws on my experience working with Armageddon MUD, the world of Zalanthas. For those who don’t know what a MUD is, it’s a text-based roleplaying game. Here’s the wikipedia article on MUDs Continue reading

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