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Epistolary Fiction: Stories in Letter with Jamie Lackey

Have you ever wanted to tell a story in letters, journal entries, or even captain’s logs? But how do you craft a cohesive story out of these fragmented pieces? In this workshop and lecture class, you’ll learn what makes epistolary … Continue reading

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Journaling for Creativity with Fran Wilde

Where do you keep and grow your ideas? How do you keep them coming while not getting overwhelmed by the mass of them? What do you do with the ones that come around only when you’re working on something else? … Continue reading

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Queer Is a Verb: Disrupting the Norm with Evan J. Peterson

Evan J. Peterson teaches you how to queer your writing in fresh, diverse, and ethical ways. Dive into expansion and exploration of gender and sexuality in speculative fiction and secondary worlds. In addition to reimagining the rules and possibilities of gender and sex, … Continue reading

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Introduction to Game Writing with Monica Valentinelli

Do you love playing games? Ever want to write your own or for someone else? In this class, join industry veteran Monica Valentinelli for insight on how to write your own game or for your favorite type of game. Monica … Continue reading

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Mapping the Labyrinth: Plotting Your Novel with Kay Kenyon

An outline is one of your best tools for writing a novel, but how do you figure what happens, when, where, and to whom? How do you deal with plots when they go astray and how do you weave multiple … Continue reading

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Principles for Pantsers with Cat Rambo

Some people outline. Others don’t. There’s plenty of advice on how to do the former, but those who practice the latter sometimes feel that they’re floundering, and no one’s providing any principles. Working with my own process as well as … Continue reading

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A Mixed Bag: Combining and Manipulating Genre Conventions with Tracy Townsend

In this class, we throw the idea of neat boxes and categories out the window and ask ourselves, what more can we achieve as writers when we blend and blur the lines between genres? From subverting tropes to reimagining story … Continue reading

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So You Want to Put Together An Anthology? with Catherine Lundoff

What goes into creating an anthology? How do you find authors? Decide to pitch it to a publisher or indie publish? And what do you do with it when you’re done? Join editor Catherine Lundoff for a workshop that will set you … Continue reading

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Letting the I Ching Write Your Story for You with Henry Lien

Philip K. Dick did not write one of his greatest novels, The Man in the High Castle. Dick discovered the I Ching when he began the novel and he let the I Ching write his novel for him. The I Ching is … Continue reading

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Description and Delivering Information with Cat Rambo

How do you give the reader the evocative and interesting descriptions and information they need without boring them or making the story drag? How do you give them information without cluing them in that it’s important? Fine-tune your descriptive skills … Continue reading

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