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A Mixed Bag: Combining and Manipulating Genre Conventions with Tracy Townsend

In this class, we throw the idea of neat boxes and categories out the window and ask ourselves, what more can we achieve as writers when we blend and blur the lines between genres? From subverting tropes to reimagining story … Continue reading

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Dialogue and Dialect with Nisi Shawl

Our characters tell readers so much about themselves when they speak. But if characters’ speech patterns depart from our cultural defaults, how do we show that? Differences can enrich readers’ understanding of our characters and stories, yet we risk alienating … Continue reading

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Writing Bespoke Stories for Tailored Markets with Seanan McGuire

How do those niche anthologies with such specific topics keep happening?  Are there really that many people organically writing stories about cats with gemstone hearts, talking ravens, or the daughters of Marie Curie?  Today’s class will explore the art and … Continue reading

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Flash Fiction Workshop with Cat Rambo

This workshop focuses on flash fiction, also known as short short stories. The workshop consists of a mixture of lecture, in-class writing exercises, discussion of how to turn fragments into flash, and an overview of flash fiction markets. Come prepared … Continue reading

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Return to Journaling for Creativity with Fran Wilde

Description to come, but save the date! Instructor Fran Wilde also teaches Journaling for Creativity. Limited enrollment (15); scholarships available.

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In Flagrante Delicto: Writing Effective Sex Scenes with Catherine Lundoff

Tired of fading to black every time your characters get intimate? Not quite sure what to do once they’re in the clinch? Want characters whose romantic moments have some spark, sizzle, and steam to them? Learn some of the building … Continue reading

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Managing Social Media for Writers with K. Tempest Bradford

Authors need to use social media for publicity, audience building, and community connection. And yet, social networks are undoubtedly time sinks, distractions, and can sometimes be bad for our mental health. All of which can eat into writing time. Maintaining … Continue reading

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Writing Your Way Into Your Novel with Cat Rambo

The process of novel-writing varies greatly, but one thing is always true: a butt must go into a chair and the words must be written. Come find out how to get past sticking points through a combination of lecture and … Continue reading

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Writing About Horses with Judith Tarr

Has a herd of horses shown up in your novel and insisted on staying for the duration — and you’ve never been close enough to a horse to touch it? Are you writing a fantasy or historical or a contemporary … Continue reading

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Intro to Game Writing with Monica Valentinelli

Do you love playing games? Ever want to write your own or for someone else? In this class, join industry veteran Monica Valentinelli for insight on how to write your own game or for your favorite type of game. Monica … Continue reading

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